March 28, 2018 – Female Revolution, Money Break-through

star-1096935_1280MOON TRINES the VENUS/URANUS CONJUNCTION in the middle of the night, offering a strange revolutionary happiness, that may be unexplainable.

MOON departs Leo, entering detail-oriented Virgo [at 7:30 am pdt/ 8:30 am mdt/ 9:30 am cdt/ 10:30 am edt]. Now for getting down to the nittiest of details.

angel-2437942_640VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS, the revolutionary aspect of the day, [5:47 pm pdt/ 6:47 pm mdt/ 7:47 pm cdt/ 8:47 pm edt] is a breakthrough aspect for the feminine, for money, and for our heart’s desires. We are here to be free, to be creative and to love.

MOON TRINE MARS [6:24 pm pdt/ 7:24 pm mdt/ 8:24 pm cdt/ 9:24 pm edt] is a high energy evening–time to excersize!

woman-3084129_640 (1)MOON TRINE SATURN
[10:30 pm pdt/ 11:30 pm mdt/ 12:30 am cdt/ 1:30 am late night edt] –well if you are one of those late-night-workers, a writer or computer programmer who stays up late at night working–this is a good night for that! Otherwise, all of us will accomplish great things with every little detail this night, even in our dreams.

Heading toward a SUN SQUARE SATURN, (early tomorrow am)–we may feel a work stress, or transition stress. This will pass after tomorrow morning. We are called to complete our work.
. . . . .

Author’s Note: I’m heading to a new NM wilderness area: to look around out there! I’m excited about possibly living close enough to the national forest, that the wolves can run in it at dawn and at dusk as they love! The Gila wilderness is the home of the mexican grey wolf re-introduction program and other wolf-protecting programs.
Donations for our next wilderness pack relocation project! We are so grateful for your support. We are preparing to purchase a transport vehicle, and put money down on the next rental–bordering national forest. Prayers for grace in our location shift now.