March 27, 2018 – Fire Creativity and Communications Expansion

sea-lion-828794_640MOON still in fiery Grrrrrowling Leo, TRINE MERCURY RETROGRADING, [7:09 am pdt/ 8:09 am mdt/ 9:09 pm cdt/ 10:09 am edt] we may not understand, where we are going, and it may appear we are moving “backward,” and on some level we may be, however there is a LOT happening that is unseen.

MERCURY RETROGRADE is a good time to reach into the past and send thank you’s and hello’s, I love you’s and check in’s. sometimes treasures or lost gifts pop up like bunnies from an old hat.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [7:04 pm pdt/ 8:04 pm mdt/ 9:04 pm cdt/ 10:04 edt] Leo to Scorpio. Across the fixed signs, fire to water, expression, communication, expansion. Jupiter brings good luck. Its good to communicate what we need to communicate with others.

. . . . . .

Author’s Note: Happy Spring! its that windy seedy season of change. We are all stirred up too, moving and seeking the next location. I felt overwhelmed for a few days recently as if I couldn’t go on, and got through it. That is also a springtime sensation, oh my goddess this dirt is hard to push through, says the seed, to get to the sun! Donations always needed for the wolf pack! Thank You!