March 20, 2018 – Earth, Fire, Water, Begin – HAPPY EQUINOX!

hands-1926414_640Spring Equinox is an ancient marker of time that–unlike the Gregorian Calendar, which is simply “placed over the top of our time,” this ancient “time-keeper”–is cosmically held in the actual cycles of time. The Equinox, in ancient days, was not the celebration of the beginning of spring, but the middle of it! The anchor in the middle of our crossing between winter and summer.

footprints-556896_640MOON TRINE SATURN  [9:05 am pdt/ 10:05 am mdt/ 11:05 am cdt/ 12:05 pm edt] gives an awesomely practical, day of harmonious productivity, smooth walking and a good day to put our feet on the mother earth.

SUN enters zero degrees Aries,
[9:15 am pdt/ 10:15 am mdt/ 11:15 am cdt/ 12:15 pm edt] marking Spring Equinox. New Beginning Energy. We are half-way between winter solstice and summer solstice,butterfly-3241540_640we come to the fiery self-fulfilling jump-start time of year. The time of planting seeds, tilling soil, and digging the holes and platforms for our gardens and creations. Aries is independant and solo and so are we. Each of us has inner drives, desires and creative usherings that are uniquely ours. Its our willful time to cut through all limitations and barriers, and lead with our brilliance and connectedness.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE key-3087900_640 (1) [7:42 pm pdt/ 8:42 pm mdt/ 9:42 pm cdt/ 10:42 pm edt] is a harmonious connection with the flowing element of water. This river of fluid motion is always bringing us our secret longings, imaginings and dream-fluid-parts. May we dream well, magnetize the nutrition of our flowering and head toward the sunlight in our lives. We are growing toward warmth and light, just like the ground. flower-3202043_640
Being this special “middle to celebrate,” time of year, time to flow toward what we love most. Our hearts journey to the center.

MOON TRINES PLUTO tomorrow morning, for more earthy power and wonderment.
May this SPRING EQUINOX be the celebration of cycles in time, crossing into a new world and new life. May we each celebrate our independence and uniqueness, like a flower we are all growing more beautiful, and toward the light.

. . . . . . .
Author’s Note:
In the “I-Ching,” the rune of constraint, is a time when “darkness consumes light,” and there is no way to avoid this, except by being humble, taking small steps, and waiting for the creator to move the obstacles. This was a rune I drew earlier today, and have drawn frequently in this phase of eclipses the last two months. The wolf pack is still coming out of this “time of constraint,” as we look toward our next location for the summer. The pack is ready for “a return to the wild!” Financial assistance is needed to feed and maintain the Heart of a Wolf Sanctuary Pack. If you appreciate these blogs and want to support the wolf pack, please donate here: