March 19, 2018 – Revolution in a Day

light-bulb-2577139_640New Moon Rising, in Fire aries, CONJUNCT URANUS and SQUARE PLUTO–that revolutionary square of change and pressure to change, that has been cooking us for the last five or more years. The MOON touches this place of transformation, reminding us we’ve been pressured to change (and quickly) for a long time and this is a day of resolution in the cauldron of change. Bringing the past change pieces together, as they collect around us.

MOON enters the VOID between signs with theemancipate-1779132_640MOON CONJUNCT URANUS at 12:29 pm pdt/ 1:29 pm mdt/ 2:29 pm cdt/ 3:29 pm edt]

MOON enters Venus’ sign of earthy Taurus this evening : [6:07 pm pdt]

MOON TRINE MARSenergy-3141253_640 [8:36 pm pdt] is an action moment. Even in the evening, we may feel energized with new life, new energy or a new plan.

MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS energy-755834_640[9:02 pm pdt/ 10:02 pm mdt/ 11:02 pm cdt/ 12:02 am late night EDT] Is a Flower of Life, an Alchemical communication for our new life, new creative expression and new miracles incoming. Communicating our creativity this evening is calling. Its a good day to communicate, to share art, and to introduce our new selves to our old selves as we are unfurling in the new light.