March 17, 2018 – SAINT PATRICKS DAY lunar cycle – New Moon of SPRING! -Deep Mysterious Crossing

owl-469601_640The NEW MOON on March 17 is deep, sweet and begins a whole new cycle of creation, rooted in our multiple layered and thorough healing.

[6:11 am pst] is the exact time of the New Moon, sending the moon immediately into a VOID. This is a deep mysterious new moon.

So quiet and mysterious it held silence and darkness, not wanting to speak, about the mysteries it is holding for each of us in this cycle.cave-1835823_640These are gifts of healing, that the New Moon ushered in sweetly, softly and with invisible grace, unseen, unheard, perhaps unknown at first!

This NEW MOON, begins an interestingly industrious cycle. Mars, ruler of the next new moon, and the sign of spring coming, enters industrious Capricorn, just as MOON enters Aries later in the day, after the New Moon brings us into the VOID between Pisces and Aries. This is a quiet deep place of renewal and mysterious rebirth, healing and new life yet unseen.

sunflower-seed-1213766_1280MOON SQUARE MARS shows the work for us to do in sprouting and cultivating each one of us our own gardens this year. Inner, outer, work and creative GARDENS we grow.

. . . . . .

Author’s Note: this is a deep and sweet new moon, that was so quiet, i had a need to be with my animals in nature and quietly listening, more than putting anything out on computer. It was today that the energy of the new moon was more tangible for me to write about. Before today it was deep and trasnformative so much so, unformed, and unwritten. We’ve each had our own silent time of rereation and renewal, mysterious things happening that were “unseen,” for each of us. Now we move forward into what feels like a powerful healing and work-re-aligning cycle for each of us.

We are still in transition between locations. The new locations are emerging, the old one is barely held together by court dates. Donations toward food and fencing always needed. For the Wolf Pack:
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