March 16, 2017 – Swimming in the Magic of Our Many Lives

DARK MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [6:46 am pst/ 7:46 am mst/ 8:46 am cst/ 9:46 am est] and we’re In the RIver, of our lives and its flowing! Likeriver-533932_1280 the elders said, Jump on in there! PUsh off of the shore and celebrate with those whom you find yourselves with!

MOON IS DARK AND waning in the last day of the eclipse lunar cycle.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO, [[7:09 pm pst/ 8:09 pm mst/ 9:09 pm cst/ 10:09 pm est] empowered connected to the creator by the evening, because we “go with the flow of grace,” . . . as it is there for us today. butterfly-370729_1280

MOON TRINE JUPITER [11:11 pm pst/ 12:11 am mst/ 1:11 am cst/ 2:11 am est]
late late in the night tonight, may we make a wish, say a prayer and receive this living grace of being alive on earth at this time. May we receive this living grace alive at this time!

In the last day of the old cycle; it’s a final release, let go, and completion in preparation for the NEW BEGINNING of the NEW MOON beginning the cycle outside the eclipse field. Tomorrow begins a new spring free lunar cycle!

. . .

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