March 13, 2018 – Expansive Healing Art Day – corner of Evolution for the Masculine in all

VENUS SQUARE SATURN is a corner of growth for all. [5:39 am pst]painting-VENUSin seashellVenus is a soft receptive creative and shining feminine presence in each one that has authentic and appropriate desires in this world. The limitations on those authentic desires are not necessarily limitations to live by, rather to overcome with grace, prayer, right action and right timing. May we each be wise, creative and know when to apply ourselves to the physical world and ‘do the work,” and how to do that work. This is the most important work, the work of the heart! The work of our love. love-538685_640
 [8:21 am pst/ 9:21 am mst/ 10:21 am cst/ 11:21 am est] on the alchemical path of the feminine–within all in the Great Mystery.

SUN TRINE JUPITER [1:06 pm pst/ 2:06 pm mst/ 3:06 pm cst/ 4:06 pm est] is a shining good luck current in each of our lives. Its inescapable. No one escapes the day without feeling blessed by the light, expansion, wisdom and blessings of the mother and father God of the universe, and of all of life. JUPITER blesses with the SUN shining, on all.

Heading toward the last days of the eclipse death/rebirth portal. Moonlove-1207684_640waning, heading for dark moon.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY, time to talk about it. “what,” that thing
that hasn’t been talked about, that thing we are “killing,” like death that kills death. Pedophiles coming out, arrested, and truths we didn’t want to know or here, erupting, why? because seeing, knowing, acknowledging them, allows them to crumble and fall, fall away.

cave-2604672_640MARS SQUARE CHIRON [11:09 pm pst/ 12:09 am mst/1:09 am cst/ 2:09 am est] and they dance, the wound and the man, the man and the wound, they dance, they do the deep work. They communicate, and they heal. The square is the work between them, that corner, that growth called for, evolution in progress, healing at a peak of action.

cave-3087228_640 (1)In the middle of the night, may we give, may we hear, may we receive, may we surrender to what we know inside is right, and take action, do it, be it, and transmit what we came here for. May we not hestitate any longer on the truth of what we are.