February 10, 2018 – Jupiter Retrograde and We have Earth Work

cave-912219_640Planet JUPITER is RETROGRADE as of Thursday, March 8th, at 8:45 pm pst. Near this stationary retrograde, there may be significant people or events that relate to our past, healing our past and reviving things in the past that are alive and wanting to be carried forward. In general JUPITER’s influence at this time is strong and lots of little circular alchemy may be going on with members of our past or past lives.

Today, as we settle into the circular Jupiter alchemy going on, there are some work squares. Its a work day, even though its a SATURDAY!

MOON SQUARE VENUS and SQUARE MERCURY provide the usherings to work at something we love today.earth-870913_1280
[6:05 pm pst] is another indication of a “work day,” as SATURN is always holding the boundaries of this physical world. Physical reality requires certain attention to keep working. Today is a good “focus day,” for getting important earthy things done.

MERCURY SQUARE SATURN is a “to do” aspect that might pester and call us “to do,” and finish that list. Another aspect pointing to today’s work day.

This weekend may we do the work of our soul.
. . . . . .

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