February 27, 2018 – Lion Hearted

MOON is in Leo today! Grrrrrowl says creative courageous fire! This MOON is bright and rising toward full moon ; exact on Thursday the first of March [at 4:51 pm pst].

With the FULL MOON coming across the Virgo/Pisces access; Sun in Pisces/ Full Moon in Virgo: we are challenged to rise above dynamics reflecting “victim perpetrator,” or “us vs. them.” These outdated pattern-beliefs are up for rewriting.

VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO (exact early this morning)- invites our feminine power to create consciously; soulfully. Creativity is more alive and powerful to create than fear.

Tomorrow’s Mars and Mercury aspects with Pluto are inviting important communications as key. Tensions are solved through communications connected to heart and soul wisdom. May we hold space for this soulful wisdom in the face of fear of anxiety.

May creative wisdom overcome all doubt and fear.