February 22, 2018 – Eclipse Shaking Out into New Territory

landscape-1112911_640This morning, we are in the MOON VOID, since last night when MOON OPPOSIED JUPITER [at 3:46 am pst], then we were sent into a slippery “in-between-kind-of-place,” between earthy grounded Taurus and winged worded and flying Gemini. So we are in the “leap of faith,” just before taking flight. (today is a kind of “in-between-zone.)
“MOON enters Gemini, [4pm pst/ 5pm mst/ 6pm cst/ 7 pm est] leaving transition space or the “in-between,” entering the place of stepping forward reality. Gemini asks for and gives more light-hearted higher vibrations from and for all of us.
Thanks to Mimi Cook, who was directly affected by thesewolf-3172834_640 recent eclipses, for inspiring insight. In this in-between, post eclipse shake-up: I’ll share what was inspired by dialoguing with her:     . . . we are all in a giant transformation of the very fabric of who we are as people and who and how we relate to others! (this is true especially for people whose ascendant/descendants were LEO/AQUARIUS or AQUARIUS LEO, or had any planets in the fixed signs, including SCORPIO and TAURUS.), however it is true of everyone on some level or another. We are all being grandly and irrevocably, even unknowably SHIFTED in these eclipses we just crossed, as in all eclipses,snow-leopard-1006542_640 but especially these–were gentle in their impact in our perception–thank-fully, however were penetrating and strong in their long-term and life-death effect on each of us in a transitional way. (in my perception and observation).  There is pure grace involved in this transition and I can feel the seeds and roots of Divine Intervention, taking hold.

This was “shaken up,” mostly from the inside
butterfly-498606_640and energetically, in ways that we have literally “jumped DNA,” or evolved so quickly that our outer lives, and literal ego-selves, have not yet caught up or do not even realize what has happened yet!Everyone in this type of shake-up needs more time for all the pieces to fall back to place or fall out of place then find a new place. Etc.
locomotive-3124200_640It really is like an earthquake to an old life, because it is like the old snake skin, shedding. We are looking at a new skin underneath, but it is raw, new vulnerable and mostly as yet, UNSEEN, or in the percolator, underground like seeds that are reaching for the surface but not yet popped out of the soil, visible yet.cave-1835823_640The best thing we can do, is feeeeel into the new skin, feeeeeeeel into the things that soothe any irritation or “frazzled or fried” feeling. Things that cause this feeling are to be let go of, even if it is a state of mind. The new self under the snake skin, needs breathing room, and for its skin snakeskin-846136_640to come into the world and settle before being poked or prodded by the over-questioning mind.
We are in a catharsis and its quite uncomfortable for many of us as the outer world feels a bit discombobulated, or disjointed, or not fitting together correctly. This is the collapse of a culture from an individual life.cocoon-591556_640  It is the collapse of a country and an American culture of some kind. What is the part of American culture that is collapsing?
and How can we disengage, perhaps joining with others doing the same, in ways that we can find another stability, parallel to the immediate and current American collapse going on?
statue-of-liberty-2501264_640Author’s Note: 
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