February 19, 2018 – fire and action ; in the deep eclipse shift portal!

MOON in fire Aries ; as of yesterday morning; TRINES MARS ; to add more movement and fire!

Today is an action day!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO (5:47 pm pst) is a corner of deep soulful shifts ; we might feel it as a grumbling within that is calling for deep and wholistic penetrating changes. As we call, long and pray for these changes ; they are coming.

This corner challenges us to ask where do we feel powerless?; and to confirm that our true power is in our consciousness, and our ability to focus consciousness on desired outcomes one choice and thought at a time.

May we challenge ourselves to have and use the supernatural power we think we don’t have. (May we pick it up and utilize our focus and powers of communication with the divine fabric of life.) we have this power.

Blessings as the shake up change Eclipse portal is still shaking off all the way spiraling back to balance over this whole lunar cycle.

Eclipses shake things up. May we feel the enlivening qualities of shake up times to “turn over our life,” like good soil. We’re being tilled!!