February 10, 2018 – Saturday

friendship-2366958_640SUN SEXTILE MOON — a gentle harmonious aspect between masculine and feminine: In the Eclipse Field is a more charged kind of time, even with a nice aspect like this. This calm–sweet–grace: brings a good calm energy, soothing the changes underfoot brought by the Solar Eclipse. The eclipse time is usually felt as a testing experience. An experience that might call us into strength, truth, or rising into our best to meet the world at its most fierce facing off with us! Its still eclipse-Kali time!

[at 8:38 am pst/ 9:38 pm mst/ 10:38 pm cst/ 11:38 pm est] is another configuration showing a “grace-day,” a day where things we’ve wished for, or acted on behalf of, or been integrity with, though “no one may have noticed,” will finally be uplifted. Where its due the invisible world will offer its invisible support. Even with this kind of supportive blessing, in the eclipse field its always wise to be humble and grateful!sunset-1112643_640

THIS aspect of MOON TRINE URANUS, a good “magic wand kind of aspect,” the moon is sent into the VOID until this evening at [6:21 pm pst/ 7:21 mst]. During the VOID, its a good time to act like its a temporary mercury retrograde and “go back over things,” redo what needs redoing, and dont worry about the new stuff til the moon lands again.

VENUS moves from her most serious working place to a more expansive place of “communicating with the whole world,” and feeling like a part of it, as in “feeling the whole world,” and feeling like we feel everything. Venus in Pisces feeeeeeeeels so much more than its previous signs on her journey. Time to feel it! There is power in our feelings!

thinking-out-of-the-box-2958103_640SUN SQUARE JUPITER [3:21 pst/ 4:21 mst/ 5:21 cst/ 6:21 est], is a call to “expand our thinking,” open up the places we are “tight,” or “limited,” for a more expansive view. This expanded view has the potential of solving the problems and challenges, even the nagging stressors we are facing now.

MOON leaves the in-between VOID of the middle of today and enters Capricorn–oh so grounded Cappy! [6:21 pm pst/ 7:21 pm mst/ 8:21 pm cst/ 9:21 pm est]. Now the work forward will be more able-grounded.

woman-3084129_640MOON SEXTILE VENUS [6:42 pm pst/ 7:42 pm mst/ 8:42 pm cst/ 9:42 pm est] is a cosmic feminine miracle. Its a night for the feminine in everyone: to bask in her own and others’ presence, beauty, food and love.

. . .

Author’s Note:
Lately, personally, I’m feeling like time is moving too fast. I’m barely keeping up with beloved astrology writing, practice AND the wolf pack responsibilities! Its exhilerating at times and stressful at others. I’m in awe that it all holds together through SEVEN YEARS! wow! Thank you to all of you who have been connected through all seven years! (and before the wolf pack!) AMAZING SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, observing from the eyes of the wolf pack, and the sometimes fearful human responses.

nature-3113318_640Being responsible for feeding the wolf pack every day, is a financial and time-deadline marathon! I’m making sure either I purchase a bag of dogfood (one per day) and no poisons, which means $50 per day, meanwhile sourcing the new location, tending to animal control, ticket and permitting costs, which come with threats, deadlines and often court appearances, and the very real task of caring each day for the pack and their on-site-full-time care-taker and guard. I often feel like “there is not enough time,” between financial deadlines, to meet them. In spite of this, there are endless miracles, and there does seem to be a grace, in the timing of angels who show up to carry the pack financially for a day or a week. We are calling out for “pack parents,” for people to adopt animals, by adopting their care financially, meanwhile allowing them to stay where they like it, with their pack! And visiting the animal you “adopt,” giraffe-1959110_640(I adopted Gigi the Giraffe at the Saint Louis Zoo, when I was a little girl and visited “my giraffe often!”) . . . you can visit your adopted animal throughout the year, when you are able to!

I’m grateful to Gary for supporting us with a website, which will be out soon! He’s also been helping with dogfood! I’m also wanting to thank our new Volunteer Coordinator! Michael Clark, from my church, pray-2408038_640Center for Spiritual Living. THANK YOU michael! A whole new level of organization seems to be emerging naturally at this seven year-transition. Please send donations in this quirky time of transition. We have minimum of $1000 needed over the next week. Larger donation angels are needed for the time ahead! If you can support for a day or a week, please contact or contribute in one of these places:


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