February 7, 2018 – HALF WAY POINT between LUNAR ECILPSE and SOLAR ECLIPSE, transition and preparation

cd-cover-2993231_640SUN in Aquarius SQUARES MOON in Scorpio
, [7:54 am pst/ 8:54 pm mst/ 9:54 am cst/ 10:54 am est] and we are called into our deepest most rooted, most authentic, meanwhile most social most far reaching internet scanning, publishing, superficial while being deep self. Surface and Rootsy all at the same time. We need to “do it all,” be a tight little social media profile–surface–while “walking the talk of our social profile dreams,” by doing the daily work of it, staying focused on accomplishing what is needed every day, cutting out the interference and moving toward what we know we must do–The roots. Today we square out to both places. We feel their tension, the resistance, and our need to “push forward into sustainability, into the thing we know we need to do next,fantasy-2695374_640into our mission, into our daily cleaning tasks with varoosh, so we can get to the dirt that matters, more tasks, because we care about our world. Its a working time, a stress time, and a destruction phase. we are in the half-way-between death heralding purification points (the two eclipses)–midway between them now!–a time to upgrade our experience through humility, discomfort, ego-death, and taking away that which we no-longer need: to facilitate a higher cleaner, clearer vibration . . . . eclipses kill wtih Kali’s sword–that which is not true, appropriate or authentic to all situations before us. This aspect can be intense, in the middle of the battle between light and dark, in our world, we have to be decisive, pay utmost attention and take correct right actions.woman-2822498_640. . . without slacking for a second or it may cost us something we would prefer not to lose. Be vigilant says the Crow from way up above, this is a testing time, and you can get through it with vigilance and attention.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [10:16 am pst] is a clear and supportive link–us to our power. Simply we need to stay decisive and clearly connected to our source of power, our own guidance, our roots within.

cliff-3004335_640MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [1:57 pm pst] is an expansion, and supportive uplifting opening in a rootsy place–a place where it matters–deep. This is a day to go deeper and higher with good works and connecting to both the deep and the high.
MOON SQUARE VENUS [11:16 pm pst]  – Late Night Feminine tension for our work. . . working in our dreams on the feminine magical places that are growing inside, the healing of love’s home and all that matters most in our hearts, healing in our dreams tonight–its possible. 
. . . .
wolves-1308947_640Author’s Note: