February 3, 2018 – Creative Abundance Work Corner

surreal-2290472_640Today MOON is in the VOID from the morning. Its a nice VOID, because the last aspect was a Jupiter aspect, so in the context of the “between eclipses dark energy clearing portal,”–since we are now between the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE we just passed, and the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE coming on February 15th. Between the eclipses is the most powerful time of shadow and life-clearing and sweeping the energy through. Death of the old–whatever is not working–and clearing the space for new life. moon-3106236_640

MOON enters Libra, departing from the slippery VOID, [at 1:47 pm pst/ 2:47 pm mst/3:47 pm cst/ 4:47 pm est], offering the “relationship work,” that seems to be the basis of the new world coming.

This evening, VENUS SQUARES JUPITER–this night–(10:07 pm pst), inviting the good work of our own creative inner self. Jupiter lifts us up even in the “work-oriented-squares.” Its a good night for working or dancing or celebrating late–great for a true Saturday-Night! Given to ourselves to do what we love most! goldfish-3121304_640

MOON SQUARE SATURN [10:50 pm pst] is another home and work aspect. This aspect is better for work than for partying, and sometimes on a Saturday night we can do both at once, celebrate ourselves by doing our favorite thing, and doing some groundwork, so that “favorite thing,” becomes our work-life.

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 11:11 pm pacific time, is a jolt of wild action energy late at night! Wow–what a good night to be working, dancing or re-inventing ourselves late this Saturday night!
. . . . . .
dog-1875252_1280Author’s Note ~
Last night, I wanted to stay awake late and write write write, and I was just too tired. I picked up Lomi and Blue (alpha male and female of the pack)–and they are with me now. I love having them with me. Even though they take time and energy away from the detail-tasks of the world, related to money and paperwork, they are my heart’s joy! They are my original alpha companions and their love and presence lights up my heart with so much gratitude! I’ll take them up for a run run run on the ski mountain later today. I’ll send prayers off the mountain for everyone I can think of! Anyone in my e-mail box or field recently will have a prayer launched off the mountain tonight!

The rest of February and the rest of my reports on the year ahead are still coming! I didn’t want the eclipses in my sun-sign to interrupt that work, but they did, and EVERYONE was interrupted by the eclipses, so we are all purging our work, relationships, inner emotions, and fabric of life to renew it for a better creation (post-eclipse-field). Going with the “eclipsed,” nature of this energy, I’m allowing the energy to take me deeper, tending to life itself, which is now in a “destruction of the old,” phase. Sometimes our prayers are strangely answered by the removal of things we needed to have taken away. (that is eclipse wisdom).

This new Chinese year is the year of the “Earth Dog,” honoring the “wolf spirit,” walking the land. In honor of this Earth Dog year, we are working toward the next better location for the pack and believe this location will be better than all the rest before, because like everyone, movement provides a lot of clearing, education and forward motion. We have moved a lot and cleared a lot of different lands. We’ve met with so many beings in the spirit world its incredible to me they all exist in all those places!

We are excited to be putting out the call for a community and a new location where we might stay for a longer time, and feel safer than we have for a while. Anyone who would like more details, please e-mail me: azlanwhite@gmail.com

One reading per day : gives you the WHOLE DAY, in my heart-trained-astrological focus, to answer all your questions and set clear intention with you to generate a clear pathway for your 2018 !  (we meet on the phone usually in the morning and/or evening–to work together on your own personal magical focus)–this way of working: allows me to work with one person per day in clear focus, and sustains my ability to stay in a hotel while the big shift of location for the pack takes place–Please message me about a day for your reading! : azlanwhite@gmail.com

Bless you in the eclipse change portal! Bless us all during deep changes!