January 29, 2018 – Monday

MOON in mama Cancer still as we start the week can ask us, how would mama begin the week ? Or how is my mama? Or what does my mama within need today? What does the universal mother, the divine mother have for us today?

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE brings answers to prayers and a meditators paradise, so meditation and spiritual flow are in our day if we are in subtle places to receive the more subtle spiritual presences that require us to “get quiet,” and still the outer 3-D to-do’s of life long enough to close eyes and see the gardens within that may have messages for us today. Messages of beauty and creative freedom from suffering.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO is a power play offered by the world or others or ourselves. IT is a day to watch the power games, the power struggles and where we ourselves may see or feel a “misuse” of power and how we need to respond or attend to that so we are remaining “in our power.” Today challenges our right use of power and our ability to be clean and clearly centered in “our own power,” and not anyone elses.

MOON TRINE JUPITER this evening (8:38 pm) is an evening gift or expansion in relationship to our ability to receive throughout the day.