January 28, 2018 – Sunday

MOON SEXTILES URANUS early early, then sends moon into the VOID between Gemini and Cancer until later in the morning.

MERCURY SEXTILE CHIRON (10:50 am pst) is a talking to our inner child time. Our inner child might have some “upsets,” or things it needs to clear with us or someone else or the world, however it is our most “alive spark of fiery creative connection.” Our inner child can rejuvenate our hope, spur creative solutions, and dance us silly until we laugh laugh laugh. This inner child is calling us to pay attention to the within so as not to miss all the delight of life for things much too serious to take ALL of our time and attention!

MOON enters Cancer, and comes out of the in-between-slippery-VOID, at 10:57 am pst. This is mama nurturing bath giving, kiss receiving love time again, only this time from the mother within. We are all here to mother each other and we can all be “mother Cancers” for a day, today is one of those days.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN (6:15 pm) in the evening. Although there are challenges everywhere, that is part of life and the key to peace amidst challenges is balancing energies and doing the right things at the right times in that way that there is a “season for everything,” so when to work and when to stop and rest is a balancing act. Each of us must find boundaries and “proper discipline for our health” in these areas of balancing work and home, food and fasting, nurturing and cleansing, and all other opposites. Everything in moderation was one of the phrases over the Temple of Delphi.