January 27, 2018 –

MOON TRINE VENUS is a feminine friendly aspect again. Moon is in Gemini, which is a very fun aspect for the moon—it likes to enjoy itself here in a human body—it likes to talk and laugh and relate to others.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE (6:41 am pst) in the morning along with this “talking and laughing” social aspect, someone might say something that triggers us to feel things. These things that we feel are not always comfortable and we need to learn to become wizards of our own emotional world. When we Feeeeeel something, we can become ultra attentive, even sitting on the toilet if we need to get away from people for a moment to ask ourselves what the emotions are that might be running through us today? Its ok, , “Emotion is energy in motion.” With attention to it, we can feel and see it will move and change shape and form within us. As we nurture as we tend, as we bring fresh water in, and meet the feelings, they turn over into deep stories of love meeting love. It is worth getting through all the discomfort to get to that love within or with others.

MERCURY SQUARE URANUS is another aspect to navigate! It’s a big wave and one to surf well. This aspect calls us to communications genius. We are asked to use our tongue like sword and with patience, wisdom and genius. This day is an interesting day of calls and provisions . . . . the calls are for working with others in interesting ways, looking past limitations and accepting diversity. . . . the gifts are of love.


When love speaks, when love acts, when love embodies, us, then our experience with a square rises to the top of experience. This is one of those days that requires a work of love, patience, virtue and tests of consciousness.