January 16, 2018 – Tuesday

NEW MOON is today late in the day!

MOON in earthy Capricorn, grounding us with our deepest roots of poweras it touches change-maker PLUTO in Capricorn, in the darkest part of the lunar cycle. It’s the transition between the final outbreath, detox & cleanse then shifting in the evening, to setting new intention and beginning again. The MOON is dark and waning until it turns new in the evening at 6:17 pm pst.

MOON CONJUNCTS VENUS in the night (10:30 pm pst) then goes VOID til entering Aquarius before tomorrow’s sunrise. This is a highly creative “new seedling” kind of energy. The MOON has JUST crossed into its new cycle and is now heading for a FULL MOON ECLIPSE in two weeks. This time of venus moon is a nurturing time of setting feminine wisdom and intuition for the eclipse journey ahead. Ecilpses are wild card times and can be extremely volatile regarding earth changes or any other instability. It is good to look at where the weakenesses and unstable places might be and ask ourselves what we might be able to do to make them kinder, more prepared for, and better experiences as changes drop down for needed shifting at the end of the month.