January 14, 2018 –

MOON TRINE URANUS late the night before, then sends the MOON into the VOID, MOON entering Capricorn in the late morning, to early afternoon from the VOID: at 11:42 am pst.
SUN SQUARE URANUS – almost demands invention and change. We can look for the radical or outrageous energy of this. Sometimes there is a little or big “shock” . . . . so extra calming nervous system food is a plus today and all month! WHAT is calling out to be changed, or re-invented or shifted with genius?

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN in the evening doesn’t always FEEL so good to bones or muscles, however it is good for them, because it asks us to bring attention to disciplines around food, our body and how we stay healthy in practice.

SUN SEXTILE CHIRON is a sweet healing energy into the day.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY late is a communications inspiration. We may get energized and be ready to write work or communicate late tonight!

The MOON is dark and waning now, its at the end of its cycle and this can cause insecurity for any of us. Its good to pay attention to the lowering dark energy as we are releasing all the light from the previous cyce, and it’s a let go and resetting for the next lunar cycle kinda time.