January 6, 2018 – Creativity Reigns

water-nymph-2022974_640MOON, now waning, is still on the BRIGHT side of the cycle.

MOON TRINES VENUS pre-dawn to put sweetness and feminine energy in our morning. It’s a highly creative time, though the moon is waning, its still bright, trining the feminine creator and early enough in the solar year that we are still planting our “solar year garden!”

Its seed planting time! Remember to “plant the seeds,” you wish to grow in your new year—this is an ancient ritual practice among star-people.dandelion-319939_640

This is a highly energized and syncronistic Saturday! SUN TRINES MOON, Capricorn to Virgo, feet on the ground. This is a little earth day.

MOON SEXTILE MARS; Virgo to Scorpio and MOON SEXTILE JUPITER, (also Virgo to Scorpio) are organizational platforms for business strategy that is successful and bright for the year ahead. Even though MOON is waning, this is the time in the Solar cycle to plant seeds, to is still a great planning time.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [8:40 am pdt} allies us with our roots of power, our deep-thinking-mind, and our one-who-knows. This day has a lot of energy and a lot of power in it!

MERCURY TRINE URANUS offers communications that fly, ski’is that lift off and pens that fly off the page! This is a magical community day with the added bonus of creative magic if we can tuck ourselves away for our own personal art or writing gig.pen-spinning-976930_640

MARS CONJUNCT JUPITER is the BIG BANG that precedes the eclipses at the end of the month. Eclipses are coming and we always begin to feel them about a month or even two before that. Usually there is an “eclipse drama,” as I call it that takes place within the realm of a month on either side. This “eclipse drama,” may point to things that swing in and out of balance. During eclipses field times, things might swing “out of balance,” and even perhaps “out of balance that way,” for the last time. If the war bangers are banging their drums, this may be their last attempt at harrah! As time-Masters, we would not focus any of our attention or intention on war energies. Mars, though it can be misused for war, is a much more diverse energy than that—it is allied with plant spirits, ladybug-1320562_640animal energies, and the weather, it is nature in action, and it is the part of us that will leap into action through an internal innate drive to act, to connect, to share, to do and be. This is an innocent willpower to exist aspect. We are here to exist, expand, create and to BE! May we manage powerful energy in a powerful time, with clear and just intention.

MOON SQUARE MARS [6:51 pm pst], is a corner of the day that sends the MOON into the VOID. So after this evening aspect, the day might fizzle. We might feel tired or plans might fall through, slip or change direction. Its ok, its been such an active wild day, it could be time to rest this Saturday night!padlock-597495_640MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON [8:06 pm pst] is a communications corner with Chiron, the wounded healer. This aspect might have the day feeling edgier or more sensitive than most. Most of us feel Chiron deeply as a wound that is touched. Its so tender yet beautiful to honor these deeper parts of self and others. This evening is full of opportunities to heal. It’s a “let go” kind of evening, tending to the deepest places that need tending.

. . . . . . . . . .

panda-2987596_640Author’s Note:
Happy transition and crossing between 2017! From a ONE year to 2018, a TWO year!

I am in the midst of creating a “book,” which is more accurately right now TWo FREE PDF downloads on the year ahead, with one of them being “a calendar of days” for january, 2018, with one coming each month if you would like. These are free gifts for you for the year ahead! and THANK YOU! for visiting us here at www.StarWeatherWhale.com, and Thank you for being you and for any and all support you might send our direction, in love, prayers or abundance and money.

If you would like a download, please send your e-mail toladybug-3006966_640
azlanwhite@gmail.com / if you would like a reading, put “reading” in the subject line.
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We are still raising money for the wolf sanctuary: to settle up for the end of the year and for FENCING!

We are looking ahead to the next location now, as we are and were always limited at this location. Though I am so happy they are all alive and happy and in a fence even though it isn’t ideal because we didn’t have the funds to finish the larger enclosure so its a bit tight in the small enclosure, at least they are safe, happy and all together, fed and they know we are moving and that this is temporary. Any support for fencing and the next location welcome! We need donations for blankets for dens, and for essential oils for animal medicine.

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