2019 – Chinese Year of the Female Earth Pig


We enter a mastery part of the cycle. In a point like this; the seven is a Saturn point in a larger cycle of maturing us.

This time of year is dark like mud. We are still in the darker lower more introspective time in the new year.

How to get through this “crucible of change kind of time,” is to be like a female pig this year, right in the mud!

Standing on the ground, in the dirt, in the moment, we are honing our ability and awareness as “part of the earth” and in “loving the earth so much,” that we can roll in her! Put feet on her and live ourselves with her costumes and rich dark power of manifestation of our purest, closest to the earth based desires.

This is a big “return to the earth year, as that has been a message throughout the seven years, so this is a final year to receive the “return to the earth” message. Next year 2020 it’s wise if we are acting on that message by next year in full community base expression. This year is a big year to find where your community village tribe is . The next 20-50 years will be filled with radical changing everything so being in a like-minded community with intact healthy community supported ways of communicating, circling, and balanced ways of resolving conflict–can make this upcoming time more pleasant for many people.

Old expectations from city dwellers may die hard as the “old ways,” based in a lot of “separation consciousness,” die off. It’s been said that “as the dragon dies,” get out if it’s way.

Getting out of overly wired cities is a good idea. Being a pig, enjoying the land, the earth and the pleasureful things of playing and eating with others, is a good idea!

Blessings in the new year of the mama earth pig:

Official Chinese New Year is February

. . . . .

2018 – Chinese Year of the Dog

2018 is the year of the Dog!
pug-801826_640The cosmic science of “Astrology,” along with other oracular arts and sciences is guided by personal instinct aligned with cosmic ongoing occurring wisdom. These symbols are given to us as guide-posts. So our ally in the animal kingdom of the Chinese calendar–is the DOG!

dog-190056_640This dog symbol can guide is in so many ways. Dogs are quite natural. They like to eat, sleep and play! They like to run and rest. They like to do these things at dawn and at dusk. The transition times of the day.

soldier-870399_640This whole year is a year within several years of “transition times.” Like the ancient dog, the wolf, loves the “transition times,” of day, this time–this year–is one of those times on a grand level! With the years before and heading into the years ahead, we are in a rapid multi-dimensional human shift, and shift in the systems and ways of being on earth! This year is yet another pivotal year in that shift.

While we walk through this year. May we remember that each day is a gift. That each moment in time is totally unique, like you are. Each human and each moment is made up of unique energies. There is no one like us and there is no year like this one, no day like today.

husky-3380548_640We are blessed and gifted with the light-hearted spirit of the dog, with its return and seeking of loyalty and innocence, community and special kind of animal wisdom.

So wag your tail and dive into the days like they are golden, because each one is special!