December 21, 2017 – Happy Winter Solstice! Solar New Year! New Light. The Great Crossing of the Years!

fantasy-2925250_640Though we celebrate New Years on January 1st, of the Calendar year, we all know that the real energetic, reset point, for the Solar New year of the energy that enlivens us, is now. This is the shift point. Today we shift years. Though we’ll still be in the Calendar year of 2017 for another week or so, this is the crossing. Winter Solstice occurs at [8:29 am pst/ 9:29 am mst/ 10:29 am cst/ 11:29 pm est] in the morning.  The Sun enters Saturn’s sign at zero capricorn. This is a reset time. Its time to restructure and plan a whole new level of organization and infrastructure, practice and a new pathway for a higher vibrational experience the next time around.

SUN CONJUNCTS SATURN today also, (Capricorn’s Planet)–this makes it more than just an average Winter Solstice, its a tightly woven death and rebirth between era’s still and this conjunction at this time makes for an even more dramatic shift point. It is death of the old and birth of the new. It may feel “tight,” or confined,” restricted or limited, however this SATURN constriction is the constriction of a chick breaking and pushing and struggling through the eggshell. We must break out of Saturn’s limitations. “Saturn will push us up against the veil of our own limiting beliefs, however has the power to push us through to the other side.” . . . . it is that time. winter-3006823_640

This is a day of tightening every muscle to release it. Feeling every grief of the last year to release it. Turning over our disappointments and perceived betrayals or let-downs, for pro-active eliciting of our deepest truest desires and the seeds and soil that will cultivate them more effectively than we did last year. May we till our psychic soil, turning over and refreshing the inner world, so that the seeds of our new growth can be planted on time. This is the time for the planting of seeds for the solar year. Our seeds planted here will grow all year.

Saturn, though often the old feeble man of limitation and lord of misery, that is an old old story that is from an old old consciousness that cannot work with the elements of life very wisely or adeptly. If we are experiencing this–that is the old world within us, falling, fearing its demise, fearing the unknown, and yet, Saturn is the ultimate source of creation. The ultimate planet of the boundaries of the physical world and the crossing into physical existence. There in the 3-D, there is limitation, however the limitation is meant to free us into the divine experience of being here on earth. So SATURN and the SATURN SUN CONJUNCTION today,winter-sun-1547273_640remind us to seek the deepest soul and deepest maturity in our perspectives as we have opportunities to create “the next level,” for our life. Not only is it a new solar year today, but also a deep deep offering of power to kill, to release, and to create anew, with the planet of the physical world filling with fresh new light today.

SATURN SUN CONJUNCTION is at [12 noon pst/ 1pm mst/ 2pm cst/ 3pm est]

MERCURY RETROGRADE is slowing down to station to go direct again, tomorrow, on December 22nd. When Mercury is slowing down it often creates a karmic “spin,” and the chaos of changing directions. This added to the shortest and most “resetable” alchemical day of death and rebirth. Re-alignment and re-organization.

Winter Solstice Shortest Day: Its an old astrological note that the shortest day, darkest day, can be the “worst day,” of the year, however as a culture who fears the dark, the unknown and the shadow, that is a result of those foundational fears, more than the elemental energy of darkness, which is connected to the womb of creation, the cosmos, and the unknown well of life from which we eternally spring forth. We can trust our own dissolving into the womb of creation, and let go. We can rest, and sink deeply into a cleansing releasing and recreation meditation.
. . . . . .

nutria-2906246_640Author’s Note:  In the deepest of transitions like all, in the darkest lowest energy, I too fall into the unknown. Pray for grace, guidance and the best possible scenario for all involved around the wolf-dogs I care for. Prayers and Donations are appreciated as the transition is still underway and there is one wolf possibly missing and people in disharmony and back-stabbing. We are calling in the peace of the holy days for healing of all minds not in harmony with each other.

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