December 13, 2017 – Visionary Time Cocoon

fischer-2739115_640This time we are in is revolutionary, creative and wild in all the best ways. It pushes and pulls us with its edges of life and death that we often experience at the end of the year with planets in Scorpio.

Yet, amidst these challenges of life and death, which are no small feat, there is this opportunity for extreme break-through’s, revolutionary leaps toward the world we want, from the one that isn’t working, and the appearance of everything we don’t want, justice-2060093_640but with a veneer so thin, if we are strong, and keep our force of visionary heart-based (pure true desire-based intention, strong)–the veneer of darkness will dissolve into the force of pure intention that will cut through the veil of darkness now appearing in our world.

As Mercury Retrogrades, through December 22nd, there is extreme alchemy, returns, remembrances, and circles that are “not our normal linear day to day butterfly-332355_640threads.” There is “something else going on,” What is it? Its the subtle universal magic of life that peeks through the linear veils when Mercury is retrograde, it stops us, interrupts the linear flow of life and reminds us there is a circular spiraling paradigm shift going on here, not just a linear 3-D.

this kind of MERCURY – SUN conjunction can be so BRIGHT, so POWERFUL that it overwhelms us, or overwhelms “all the electrical systems,” . . . . its like a little wire burns out with too much power or someone “flies too close to the sun!”

Now the “day after,” the MERCURY COMBUST the SUN, sunset-2180346_640we can feel the power of the communications ignition. As the “too much” feeling come off of the bright energy, there are gifts of mind and heart that can come from this.

MERCURY will CONJUNCT VENUS in two days, so these days of Mercury transiting between SUN and VENUS are highly creative. Mercury’s retrograde motion is digging in our creative hearts and minds, revisiting old projects and redoing our creative life. There are breakthroughs available like cupcakes ! (due to Uranus’ involvement in the Mercury Venus Sun interactions in fire signs!)

The energy is low now, low in the lunar cycle, and low in the solar cycle. Its time to more toward the tying up of the threads of the old year. Its a time of rest and reflection, restoration and renewal, taking baths and making stews, lighting candles and considering our prayers for the upcoming solar year.

December 17th, (late night) 2017 is a NEW MOON in Sagittarius. [10:31 am pst/ 11:31 pm mst/ 12:31 am cst; Dec 18th/ 1:31 am est; Dec 18]. Until then, the energy is low and waning. Its time to “let go,” and rest. Reset button is this week for the changing of the solar years!

New Sun Cycle begins on Winter Solstice December 21st

Mercury goest Directo on December 22nd, to go back through those transformational conjunctions one more time!

. . . . .

much love


Star Weather Whale