October 5, 2017 – Gratitude Blessings in the Soulful Harvest FULL MOON, PLuto recently DIRECT, POWER is re-aligning, our power has shifted and the re-ignition of our deepest sources of power is being re-calculated, galactically, and re-aligned . . . may our movement from here be deeper steps, each step, our choice, our power

autumn-mood-947484_640Welcome to the HARVEST FULL MOON WINDOW of a potent CHANGING of ERA’s time period!!

We are harvesting much more than just a crop of cotton or corn, this year, even if we are farmers!! We are harvesting a new way that we will move through the world, new perceptual ways of “seeing” the world, and new sources of motivation, which move us differently than before.

Can you feel what has changed for you inside, since this time last year?slippers-2610896_640 Can you feel that you are motivated from a different, deeper, perhaps “more soulful” place at this time than you remember before??

Are there perhaps deeper desires driving you than the ones that drove you before? What changed you into a deeper person and what eyes do you now see with?

beech-10758_640The Harvest Full Moon
is always a special time of year, for its nature to “bring to fruition,” all that we worked for in this particular creation cycle, of the solar year that is now coming to its final chapters.

This is a deep time of transition. The transitions are multi-layered, and even multi-dimensional. Transitions are taking place within each being, as well as within our world.

The change of era’s is real and is happening on multiple layers. The “old world,” old ways, and old energies we used to work with, are falling away, being forgotten, not working anymore, and being let go of. It is our task to let go EVEN MORE, than we imagined to previous ways of being.butterfly-115825_640

Recently, the planet of POWER, PLUTO, changed directions, after being RETROGRADE all summer long. This shift from retro, to direct, on September 28, 2017, is still unwinding. This powerful shake-up of misuses of power all the way around, is causing some chaos in its directional shift. The chaos is just beginning to “shake out,” and re-alignment in our ability to “move forward in our own power,” has changed. The “old world,” is lobbing fear-based stories and happenings to attempt to keep us in old energies longer. We are learning how to move past fear, by listening to inner knowing. We must move from a deeper place now. We must move with intuition and deep listening, so we are always “in the right place at the right time,” for spirit.

happiness-2411764_640Since the PLUTO DIRECTION SHIFT on September 28th, we are in a different place from within, and can now move forward in a better way.  As the planet of pure power, first changes direction, we move through the uproar around unconscious power grumbles, people feeling powerless or unhappy with their feelings around power. There is chaos in this directional shift, from reviewing and uprooting old misuses of power, to new ways of focusing our energy, time and bodies, as we move forward now.  We may have recently seen, (one last time), what does not work for us, when it comes to money, sex, and our own use of our energy, focus and power within. How we move in this world is going deeper and higher!

The Harvest Full Moon
 joy-2757778_640takes place on Thursday, October 5, at [11:40 am pdt/ 12:40 pm mdt/ 1:40 pm cdt/ 2:40 pm edt]. This FULL MOON is at 12 degrees 43 minutes (rounded up to 13 degrees): ARIES, meanwhile the SUN is at 13 degrees Libra!

We are re-defining our needs in relationship. New partnerships are being forged and we are learning that the “old way” of doing relationship and its basis, does not work anymore.

New relationships based in genuine service toward each other or a larger
vision, are emerging in all different forms in this Harvest Full Moonlight!

autumn-leave-1415541_640The general feeling is that we can be “mutually in service to each other,” rather than “in an expectation,” of another as in the previous era. In the past, relationship was more about a kind of ownership: “with this ring, I thee own you.”  Now, with “new era feelings,” instead we are craving individual freedom to be our own person, and follow our own creative or work visions that unfold from within.  Our collaborators need to give us the space to find our own destiny threads and unfold them, or the relationship will fall
apart under the pressure of a changing world and its needs from within each one.

Relationships in many cases are breaking apart as individuals find themselves on deeper levels than the relationships were based upon.  stairs-2726106_640New Era relationships deeply value each one’s own destiny threads and the need for each one to cultivate their own destiny path, which may or may not involve the other person.

13 degrees Aries is a powerful degree for Divine Feminine leadership
in this world,
the Divine Feminine is harvesting her next level of participation. (in the western wheel zodiac, based on equinox and solstice points in the solar cycle). She is rising, still, even as this Full Moon crests on Thursday, still rising up the dark stairs of the old patriarchal world, to find the openness, the fertile ground for a new more balanced world we must create, out of our own inner divine-heart-centered-collaborative genius.

polar-bear-2733791_640MERCURY is very near the SUN and OPPOSITE the MOON, very tightly connected to this FULL MOON HARVEST! Our COMMUNICATIONS are the driver of this experience, harvest and transition. We are called to a higher level of communications with others. We are called to be careful and heart-centered in our words, thoughts and deeds, in order to move forward in grace. There is purification still, there is still letting go, there is still “shaking out,” and . . . . . there is a directional movement forward that has a grace in forward motion. As we harness our mercurial thoughts and mind, we master this time. We must hold our mind with the reins of kindness, gentleness, and a deeper motivation of service to something greater.
When we do what we KNOW we need to do, then the dark fearful things, “shake out.”
 (Even pausing to light a candle can be a great conscious act of power and transform a situation before us). And we can walk THROUGH in a centered, calm space of following our “inner knowing,” one step at a time “through the chaos,” to the new world order, (not a political or power structure arrangement)–I’m referring to a “new divine order,” that fits new higher frequencies of a new era, and a new world that we create.

PLUTO SQUARE the FULL MOON, later in the day shows it is important that we take the “steps of power,” that are for us to take. baby-1178539_640No holding back, no hiding, no changing the truth, for any reason other than integrity. To “tell the truth,” means to speak in a way that is in service to the lips of our Creator, in service to the perceptions of one who LOVES and HONORs all beings. May we be divine channels of integrity as we walk through this powerful Harvest Full Moon Portal.

We have received an upgrade in our own power and how we will walk barbary-ape-2448899_640through the world–may we respond with innocent forward motion and gratitude for our own destiny path made clearer. Its time to walk forward now in all ways. Be powerful in your walk. It is only time for that. Nothing other than “a sacred manner,” will do.

feet-2627473_640May we walk in consciousness and grace through these end and new
beginning times.
May we understand things are not the same as before, the old world really is “crumbling,” and a new world really is emerging.
May we be gentle with ourselves as there is fear from the shifting energies and times. May we accept our own fearful falling out and walk forward in the inner knowing and grace we have access to. May we be channels of our own power to be connected to the divine in heaven meanwhile we walk upon the earth! do-not-give-up-2015253_640

IT is the HArVEST FULL MOON of YOUR SOUL. May you walk in connection and Harvest your soulful truth, your shift of power and your new way of being.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :
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