June 23, 2017 – NEW MOON NIGHT in JUNE

sky-690293_1280Most of today we are still in the last days of the old lunar cycle. The MOON still waning, down to the very very bottom. The final let go of the last lunar cycle. Outbreath.

This evening [7:31 pm pdt/ 8:31 pm mdt/ 9:31 pm cdt/ 10:31 pm edt] the MOON is NEW in Cancer. The sign of Cancer is in a Cardinal cross right now involving Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. There is a lot of outer planet support to this new moon to “get started,” get going, and do the new thing we’ve been meaning to do. If we didn’t already start, its time to get started! There is work involved, transformation and risk, even shocking decisions that change the way we focus our energy and daily tasks.

The Cancer New Moon touches Mercury and Mars right away, revealing a highly productive active lunar cycle! Moving through any frustration this cycle involves healthy communication and healthy action. We are called into movement! Action!

sky-173742_1280This is the last lunar cycle before we enter an Eclipse field. Right and good actions in this cycle, will prepare us to have a more graceful time in the eclipse shake-up rearrangement time! Already we are entering this highly volatile portal of the eclipses in August. The month before, the lunar cycle before, we begin to enter the intensive portal of eclipse change.  Our inner calls are starting to shout, the needs of our individual path and soulwork will be calling us.

These eclipses (coming) are about “shaking us” out of wrong relationships and wrong communities, wrong jobs and wrong configurations of people. We are heading toward being in “right relationship,” right community and right configuration for our future. We are in a giant shift over the last few years and still shifting. We are asked to “shake it all up,” where it isn’t working and “shake it out,” to what is more solid, what is left after the shake up?  This cycle is a preparation to shake it! Shake it! Clear the space of truth before you and “shake it!”

We are beginning to shake ourselves into right place,mothers-day-2290421_1280right time, right space. If we aren’t already there–we are going there.

his NEW MOON–the Cancer New Moon of the year, calls forth our inner mother.
Nurture, water, tender hearted care of self and others. Its time to nurture our home-space! If we are not in the right home space, this is a cycle to move to a more appropriate spot, before the shake ups come more fully!

This weekend is a power-new-moon-weekend! May we invite new energies in, let old energies go, and let the Great Mother guide us to upgrade our home situation. HAPPY NEW MOON!crescent-moon-234811_1280