May 25, 2017 – NEW MOON in Light-Hearted Gemini – the Death and Rebirth of Love – the Renewal of Fun

ancient-1807518_640This New Moon comes with a leap in maturity, compassion, depth, soulfulness, directive, clarity, and general self-empowerment. The Gemini New Moon is not always so filled with power and rebirth, however today’s comes with VENUS SQUARING PLUTO at [9:19 am pst/ 10:19 am mst/ 11:19 pm pst/ 13:19 pm est]. This aspect invites new life into tired outdated creative aspects of self. It asks us to hit the “Reset button,” on all areas of love, money and how we express ourselves in this world. We are “resetting” ourselves for a higher, clearer sightwhite-tailed-eagle-2015098_640 (1).

The Exact Time of the NEW MOON at 4.47 degrees of Gemini, is [12:44 pm pst/ 1:44 pm mst/ 2:44 pm cst/ 3:44 pm est] this afternoon, ushering in a NEW CYCLE of CREATION. This New Moon comes with new perception, the ability to communicate with light-heartedness, instead of fear, and in general a lot of FRESH AIR! May we lift ourselves out of the struggles, limitations and dark guard over our past energy.

This NEW MOON is a time to be clear about our goals and have an absolutely unwavering focus of intent. Our intention is our power aligned with clarity. May we be clear on a day that calls for this clarity. octagonal-pavilion-1148883_640
Time to breathe deeply this fresh air and new life, into every area of our life, and especially the areas, where Gemini falls in our natal chart.

Its time for new oxygen, new nutrients, and new ideas. Its time to meditate and let go of the old thoughts. Its time to pray and bring in the new light, its time to have gratitude for our bodies made of clay, and bliss that we exist. May we breathe this new life into every cell!oil-in-water-1438382_640

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