May 10, 2017 – FULL MOON in Scorpio with Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune and Pluto

under-water-1819602_640Like any FULL MOON, this FULL MOON offers a Portal of change, . . . in Scorpio there is added power : life, death and rebirth opportunities. With Jupiter in the 12th house of this moon, gifts, abundance and opportunities may seem to “come out of nowhere,” for everyone in need of one.

On the way in to this FULL MOON, on Tuesday, May 9th, and the days prior, there is a burst of new life, new insight, new encounters, and openings. The FULL MOON asks us to follow through with the threads that feel they “get us,” and are true to our spirit, body and soul, . . . .. the rest of the people, threads and links that do not “nourish our authentic soul,” can be dropped.

MOON entered the sign of the FULL MOON (Scorpio) at 10:01 pm pst on Monday night.  > >

under-water-1819583_640In the realm of information–sometimes we are receiving “half-truths,” or offered some of what works for us and some of what does not. It is up to us to decipher, “what is working,” and “what is not,” and refine accordingly. This is a time to give life to what we know we are to give life to now, and pull the strings from all that is to change, die or rebirth.

MERCURY with URANUS has intuition heightened and syncronistic encounters peaking. This energy is for our journey here. May we listen and communicate well. under-water-1819594_640

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, MOON TRINES NEPTUNE (RISING FULL MOON that is)–offering water, abundance and fluidity support. We are emotional, flowing, moving beings who are offered all that we need by universal forces that love us.
These forces can come through people, banks, checks, mail, communication, rain, rivers, digging in the dirt, or many other ways. Be ready to communicate about and RECEIVE what we most need at this time.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO in the afternoon [12:29 pm pdt/ 1:29 pm mdt/ 2:29 pm cdt/3:29 pm edt]  is the last aspect before the FULL MOON, we are supported from realms and from beings from far beyond what we currently think of.flower-670752_1280We are supported by elemental forces, microbial forces, fungal forces, and human forces, to provide us this living co-existent earth–together. This is a FULL MOON of divine to human EMPOWERMENT!

THE EXACT TIME of the FULL MOON today is [2:42 pm pdt/ 3:42 pm mdt/ 4:42 pm cdt/ 5:42 pm edt] This FULLwater-2090476_640MOON at 20 degrees Scorpio, is opposing a Springtime SUN of 20 degrees of Taurus.
Its time to stand for what we stand for, and ROOT down deep from our own personal core–into whatever is our core for us. Its time to spend time with our roots, our core and our own power so we can focus, concentrate, transfigure ourselves and our life’s path according to Divine Will.
We can see deeper than usual. Our soul’s are being reflected to us in different ways. Opportunities are must discern with our soulful eyes of heart and sense.

Its time to deepen and fly. deepen and fly.

This FULL MOON has a MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE building, nearby on the out side of the portal: [exact tomorrow/ Thursday at 10:53 am pdt/ 11:53 am mdt/ 12:53 pm cdt/ 1:53 am edt]. This watery action sign is about divine action that may not be comfortable for us. We work psychic muscles, we learn new soul-ful things, we stretch our imagination to incorporate more of life, we become researchers of our own spiritual path.

May we act with our own powerful Divine in communion. eagle-1835384_640

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