magician-481240_640PLUTO is stationary Retrograde today!
[exact at 5:46 am pdt/ 6:46 am mdt/7:46 am cdt/ 8:46 am edt]. When PLUTO stations, we are staring at our own POWER. Our own ability to generate resources, life, and regeneration when we need it. Each of us has access to these powers: life over death and regeneration over decay.

magician-1679423_640When Pluto touches us personally--it asks us to pay attention to our own ability to regenerate and heal. It asks us to negotiate our own power in ways that are unique and deep–thorough and without the limitations of external misunderstanding. Only we know what it takes to rise up, spiralling toward the light from whatever would hold us from it. When I say “light,” I don’t just mean sunlight, though that is appropriate, I mean, the light that is a source of life itself, it ignights within, a fire that has the power of life and eternal regenerative capacity.
Not taking responsibility for our own fire of life, is a mistake, in Pluto’s eyes, and we pay for it in victim-hood of one form or another. Especially during strong Pluto influences: if we don’t take our own Power, (our own Pluto) into our own hands–fractal-art-1420586_640our own fire of life–we will become victim to something outside. We must take the Whole Power within. The whole responsibility for spiralling toward our own inner light’s calling.

As PLUTO stations today, from stretching us as far as we can be stretched, to stopping, pausing, to go back and integrate, heal, regenerate and clean up all the misunderstandings that were stirred up by collective fear–we can begin to go back and clean up the misunderstandings of fear on all of us.

wintry-2068298_640For most people: lately: our filters have been colored with extra fear--it causes misperception, misunderstanding, assumptions and people jumping to conclusions that are perhaps more filled with shadow–the density of fear-based perceptions–than is necessary. We can all let go of density, fear and the negative thoughts we have about others. Now that we get “a breather,” from the forward motion, and “stretching,” of our own use of our own power, we can relax, let go, and look at what we’ve learned in the recent “stretch!”

nature-670025_1280As PLUTO retrogrades this summer, its integration, and re-weaving time. What do we need to do, in this retrograde breather, to empower ourselves in the face of whatever we lost recently?

We’ve been “truly stretched” lately. What do we need to regenerate, expand ourselves, and fill with self love, to spiral up ?

How do we regenerate our own power where it has been forgotten, fragmented, or touched by chaos or loss?

PLUTO will be RETROGRADE through the summer, all the way until September 28, 2017. This is a time of regenerating our own power sources in all ways, on all levels. Time to restore ourselves at the level of soul.

Today: MOON TRINE JUPITER (Aquarius to Libra)[11:50 am pdt/ 12:50 pm mdt/ 1:50 pm cdt/ 2:50 pm edt] is an upgrade in our abundance based on contact with community and partnerships. love-699480_1280The more we become in touch and in service to our community, the more abundance flows. The more we connect in right-relationship-partnership-forms–the more we expand into light, joy and an easeful flow of resources. May we connect, connect connect, and let the abundance flow in all forms. Right relationships are brewing for the highest good of all!

SUN entered Taurus yesterday on Wednesday, April 18th. Its Garden-Time!!flowers-164754_640
MERCURY is retrograding, so now backs into Aries, from Taurus. Mercury Retrograde (since April 9th)–will be retrograde until May 3rd. It is a bit after this, that we may finally feel the benefit of VENUS already DIRECT. MERCURY RETROGRADE is still asking us for deep inner work, in the face of gliches in the outer world, we are called inside.

VENUS DIRECT, since April 15th, is slowly slowly rising from a deeply inner shadow clearing, darkness seeing,flower-CrackedDirtfeminine-re-visiting, space. This detox that happens during VENUS RETROGRADE, often brings in friends and loved ones from the past who are part of our path, in love. May we celebrate the reversals, money tricks, and family circles that are a part of healing money, art and the feminine. As VENUS slowly continues moving forward and unwinds the retrograde degree by degree, we rise, a little more free each day, to rise toward the light, our birthright, rising toward the light.
. . . . . . . . . . .
Author’s Note:
I’ve been through so much I can’t believe it. I stopped writing during the most intense times. When I spiral back up myself, from valleys, and moments of darkness, I am able to write again. I find internet access. i’m able to sit peacefully without panicking the mama wolf buttons. The support of a few people recently has allowed me to spiral up again. We are all spiralling up toward the light, together.
. . . .
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