March 29, 2017 – New Spring Cycle Waxing – Venus Retrograde Alchemy: What?

peony-139407_640The MOON is now waxing off the New Moon in Aries, lifting us one tiny bit each day, toward fruition in this cycle.   Being a cycle of Aries, of spring and of our personal self and its individual need to open petals, . . . . this is a new moon to “wake up in,” . . . . one in which we need to hold ourselves accountable to “coming to life,” with as much force and clarity as we can muster–as if we really are a green thing pushing up through the resistance of soil and dark composted shit that we will leave behind as we “grow toward the sun.”

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY today [pre-dawn/dawn] is a communications support to our unfolding, rising selves, toward this month’s flower of a self, and toward the full season of our own flowering. Communication about what we are flowering is good for us! Did you get the self flowering part? Time for FLOWER POWER! Flowers spiral in circles toward the light. 


This is a powerful time of reorganization, inward movement and the roots of resurrection for the feminine. The feminine is a principle within each of us and those of us who incarnate in women’s bodies are “embodying,” the principle of VENUS in form. While Venus is RETROGRADE, we are called to “dig deeply,” into her needs, her psyche,love-1840035_640her transformation, her shadow
clearing, her re-organizing her self, preparing for this powerful cycle we embark upon now.

The imaginal cells of the feminine are vibrating, calling women together for mutual empowerment. Men are being called to open their feminine intuitive nature’s more and more. All of this is leading to a more intelligent, more autentically and deeply connected culture. More genuine care is called forth.

rose-1642970_640Before VENUS goes DIRECT on April 15 – oh interesting tax day date, MERCURY will go RETROGRADE on April 9th. This will be an alchemical springtime, of resurrection, rebirth, returning and deeper soul alchemy than the mind can often see.  It is a time to tune into our deeper more intuitive self, and “pay attention,” witness, and notice the circular magic, the returning, the old allies, old ancestors and old soul family “returning.”  This is a time to let go of the petty things, the slip ups, the mistakes and the judgements. Its time to let go of all the “surface stuff,” that may spin or turn upside down–for the deeper soul observations, syncronicities and Divine revelations. Divine sacred Returns and revelations, within CIRCULAR and RETROGRADE MAGIC are afoot in these times. May we let laughter and tears move us through the surface snaffu’s as the deeper magic is revealed, . . . .tracks-640037_640it is safe to trust the fabric of life, it has us. It is good to go in circles. Circles are healing.

MOON TRINE SATURN [5:07 am pdt/ 6:07 am mdt/ 7:07 am cdt/ 8:07 am edt] fiery love of the earth. Fiery love of our own form this morning while the moon is still in fire pre-dawn and early morn.  MOON heads into the VOID from Saturn contact. Via inspiration, vision and clear request of the divine, the earth can form under our feet in support. strawberry-7649_640

MOON is VOID for just a short time [5:07 am pdt – 8:48 am pdt] this morning before heading into grounded earthy TAURUS [8:48 am pdt/ 9:48 am mdt/ 10:48 am cdt/ 11:48 am edt] for feet in dirt, earthly support and kind simple sensual pleasures that allow us to feel human and alive well. May we kiss the ground today in gratitude for how we are supported by the physical form of earth and food, touch and play. May we know we are loved by the earth–the food–the ground.

MERCURY TRINE SATURNclock-2015039_640 [11:16 am pdt/ 12:16 pm mdt/ 1:16 pm cdt/ 2:16 pm edt] is more ushering to “communicate with earth,” and with time itself. The fabric of life is receptive to our thoughts today. May we communicate with the elemental kingdom that supports us for healthy human to earth relations!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is a corner of power and abundance working with JUPITER SQUARE PLUTO. It is important that we stay strong and clear in these times as to our intent here–so abundance and power can flow, past incorrect obstructions (in justice, or abundance).

. . . . . . . .
wolf-1426132_640Authors Update: Our wolf sanctuary is moving again! We knew this, and now we have a moving date of one week from today. We do not know where we are going yet. Please pass the word and communicate with us if you hear of any property that we might be able to move to temporarily, while we source a permanent wolf sanctuary location. And we need your donations at this time! –and Treasure Map readings are available if you want one–all we have to do is catch us in time–scheduling! 
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