March 14, 2017 – Sliding Down Off the Shake-Up-Eclipse ~ Putting the Pieces and the Peace, Back Together Again

pieces-of-the-puzzle-592798_640Today is a day of “putting the pieces back together,” from a silent power within, that has the wisdom to re-order the “million broken pieces,” of ourselves and our world, into a divinely intelligent re-ordering. In our trials and pressures from the last years of PLUTO SQUARE URANUS, and the last few months of eclipse shake-ups and piece-thrower-upper, in which all the pieces were “tossed in the air!” –now all those pieces are “falling down from the sky, where they were tossed, coming down for re-ordering, to a silent secret plan we each hold in our deepest heart’s knowing. puzzle-2046123_640

MOON in Libra today from yesterday has our tender focus on relationships amplified. As we evolve and grow, through the pressures of the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO in Cardinal signs, of which Libra is one, we have learned to live through some difficult “fires of relationship,” to learn, and grow wiser for this next phase we are entering.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [10:51 am pdt/ 11:51 am mdt/ 12:51 pm cdt/ 1:51 pm edt] is a corner of the same type of evolving pressure we’ve been connect-20333_640in for the last few years, continuing on for the wisdom of re-ordering. After the dissolution is over, it is time to re-order all the fragmented pieces into something more beautiful!

MOON conjunct JUPITER [2:52 pm pdt/ 3:52 pm mdt/ 4:52 pm cdt/ 5:52 pm edt] in the relational Libra, is an airy tribute to abundance. What we envision, imagine and claim can become ours, as soon as the energy moves from air to water to earth.

arrow-945267_640MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [6:05 pm pdt/ 7:05 pm mdt/ 8:05 pm cdt/ 9:05 pm edt] is a self-centered discomfort with disruption, while the universal life-force is enlivened and uplifted within all of life. Each of us can learn to feel exhilerated by the freeing life force that leads us into uknown territory, rather than attaching to the egoic and human-based discomfort associated with all change, even healthy change.

With the MOON heading into Scorpio tomorrow, we are laying the foundations of peace for deeper healing of past betrayals, tomorrow.

puzzle-1355695_640Author’s Note: We too {At Heart of a Wolf Sanctuary}, are in the middle of transition. We appreciate your financial support to feed animals and keep moving to the more appropriate location. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE WOLF PROJECT. We love you and we thank you.