March 12, 2017 – FULL MOON in Virgo (part 2): The Greatest Compost of All: Killing Fear


compost-709020_640Highlighted by this FULL MOON in Virgo, is a challenge to each one of us to attain “LOVE” over “FEAR” This composting job is the greatest job any of us may face, in this full moon, or in our lives. This full moon asks us to overcome Piscean imaginary fears for Virgoan intelligent detailed planning. It asks us to overcome inefficient Virgoan nit picky, bickering, disagreement, for cleaning up messes and doing spring cleaning on our own closets–each one–then together as we collectively compost the past for the future.

Piscean Imaginary fears are based on the illusion of a Victim and a Perpetrator. In the Virgoan details, we study “Non-Violent Communications,” we take full responsibility for our virgoan intentions, our virgoan communications, and our virgoan intelligent attention to the details in any situation that needs tending to. To be masters, we do not allow the fearful stories others tell, or that we tell, to overcome the truth of love and wisdom, that is held sometimes in the divine Virgoan act of “cleaning!” Clearing and returning to the details at hand.

soil-766281_640SHIT TO SEEDS!
In Virgoan-Piscean polarized situations, we can transform shit to seeds, and trasform any situation that is “trashy,” into a garden of life. The sun rises in every life, every day. The light of “Christ” will rise in each one who invites the light of love and truth–inside. It can be “called Christ,” or called LOVE. However LOVE is the true light of divine intervention, and we each have access to it from within.

windfall-266894_640“My ways prevail. I subjugate the lower to the higher without any force. Through my ways, correct alignment to the higher divine force is established. My authority is supreme, yet I’ve no need to enforce it. Devotion to me is absolute, yet I bestow freedom. I show you now, the whispering way to tame great force. I initiate you into the way of strength without coercion, the way of attraction without demand. Follow me and learn the art of feminine power: that fear shall always succumb to love.”

WILD QUAN YIN ORACLE (Card #42: She Tames By Laying Down the Staff and Rope.) [author: Alana Fairchild]

love-538685_640LOVE is the Greatest Fertiliser for healthy transformation of self and others:
(demonstrated beautifully in the continued writing of Alana Fairchild, in Wild Quan Yin Oracle): “weather it is your own body, desires, or mind that you have been trying to tame, or the behavior of another in relationship, it is time to make love your discipline. Punishment and judgement, criticism and control, are not going to be of benefit here. The wild animal strikes out at a force that is coming toward it. It is an instinct. To be at peace. To be open with love toward that animal, creates an invitation for connection. This invitation–from a place of love, rather than fear or need–creates a magnetic irresistible pull of attraction. To allow for timing, to allow for choice, to allow for freedom–these approaches create respect and fertilise life.”  clover-1109014_640May all fear dissolve into the simple truth of love’s wisdom and action.

Choose Love as a Food over Fear as a food! The greatest transformation of this FULL MOON facing each of us. Love over Fear. (can we do it?). Can we overcome the state of mind that provides victims and perpetrators, to a state of mind that is intentioned and itelligenced with love’s wisdom?