March 1, 2017 – Final Death Strokes, Aura of Purging Shadow still in effect Today–Final Day.Rebirth In Process at Same Time.

Ash Wednesday – is today coincidentally in the final “ashes” of an old world within us. We are still living in the aura of the Powerful Eclipse pair we’ve just encountered, final point of pressure and shift, being the Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017 and its solar-eclipse-684219_1280“aura,” which by the ancient wisdom extends in its most potent form 10 days before the eclipse and 3 days after. Today is the third day after, so the aura of intense shake-up and insecurity is still with us, however we can see the “light of solid ground in a reborn state, coming.” (we may not “see” it with our physical eyes yet), but we should feel the aura of the new world, our new self, the new patterns, and our new home base in a new frequency–coming.

This final day in the Solar Eclipse Aura is a final day of releasing shadow, purging and clearing the old patriarchal-(out-of-balance-energy), this includes all the lying, deceptive and anti-life patterns we currently give our attention to. tiger-sleeping_1280We are moving toward life-giving divinely aligned patterns that lift us toward a more “integrated-with-the-divine-culture.” Patience with ourselves and others as we move through the final day of clearing shadow and releasing old ways. May we allow ourselves to die and be reborn to new light and new expression.

MOON is still in beginning fires of Aries, SQUARE PLUTO in Economic Capricorn early [4:49 am pst/ 5:49 am mst/ 6:49 am cst/ 7:49 am est]. This aspect pushes the final purge of the eclipse-activated clearing we are inside of.

birth-of-jesus-1150128_640MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [10:27 am pst/ 11:27 am mst/ 12:27 pm cst/ 1:27 pm est] is the lightning rod we need for divine intervention. After the crunch of the morning, final purging us, we are lightning bolted with miracle consciousness a few hours later. This is the way of the universe, death–and–rebirth, death–and–rebirth, again and again. Here we are being reborn, again!

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [10:43 am pst/ 11:43 am mst/ 12:43 pm cst/ 1:43 pm est] is a personal expansion toward the new incoming light. Each one of us is invited to expand our heart, our mind and our potential, into the incoming light.

flower-659216_1280MOON CONJUNCT MARS [1:48 pm pst/ 2:48 am mst/ 3:48 am cst/ 4:48 am est] is an activation to “flower,” like plants do. Mars is a plant-based consciousness at its best, and inspires us to “grow toward the sunlight,” producing the fruits and flowers that feed the humanity we flower and empower for.

MOON TRINE SATURN [6:18 pm pst/ 7:18 mst/ 8:18 cst/ 9:18 est] is a grounded supported energy. We are beginning to ground from the chaos we’ve felt underfoot during the eclipse. This evening–the tide turns from chaos to order, ungrounded to grounded, insecurity to security, and death to rebirth.

SUN CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [6:45 pm pst/ 7:45 pm mst/ 8:45 cst/ 9:45 est] is a dissolving, re-imagining aspect of our self. This Neptunian dissolution and re-imagination of our solar capacity, our “expressive self-identifed-self,” is a MagicalButterflyWomanfurther tender womb-like taking in and returning from the ocean of life to us. We are taken in, dissolved like a caterpillar and returned reformed, as butterfly, not because of our own egoic effort, but due to the love of the divine, as the ego dissolves and surrenders, the divine steps in and makes miracles of the delicate butterfly wing kind, emerging from the sweet unseen unknown. Feared but oh so sweet in its creation power for us.

May we trust the “dark,” unknown we tread now and in the future as we get to know our new butterfly wings–of this rebirth. THIS NEW LIGHT. THESE NEW WINGS. Can you feel them yet? If not they are still emerging.

. . . . . . . . . . . .
Author’s Update : Just after requesting tons of prayers and receiving them, my missing alpha female of the pack, returned. That grace moved my heart to more faith. In caring for this pack, I’m beyond my “personal means,” in that they cost more to feed than I can raise myself. I’m counting on the heart and kindness of others who care for wolves and can understand what we are doing. We are modeling and sharing the kindness wolves display within their pack–their natural family structure. We are all here to educate and share with people that “they dont have to be afraid of wolves or wolves in a pack.” We can share our planet with them in kindness and release our fear. Even ranchers can release their fears. We can cover them financially for any losses and they can release their fear of wolves. This is coming. We are a part of this. Please support our mission, message on behalf of all wolves, and work.

Every season has unique nature spirits . . .

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