February 28, 2017 – Mardi Gras Tuesday – still inside Tricky Energy-Eclipse Death/Rebirth Portal

surfer-18661_640MOON entered fiery new beginning master Aries, yesterday evening. With the SOLAR ECLIPSE and MARS OPPOSITE URANUS on Sunday the 26th, we are surfing some very wild volatile time-space right now. The aura of the most intense volatile eclipse energy is (10 days before and 3 days after)–we are still in that three day window through Wednesday.

The intense rug-pulling, shaking up, breaking apart, sending us to the extremes of things, and revealing all the shadow under anything–are still with us. May we all be gentle with each other–in this shaky waky breaky time.

MOON in fire conjuncts fire Venus today as the only aspect. So amidst the eclipse shake up, there is love, creativity and grace. Those are the gifts and tools of this shaky time. The exact conjunction is this evening–for sweet energy evening: [6:55 pm pst/ 7:55 pm mst/ 8:55 pm cst/ 9:55 pm est].

Venus and mars are beautiful shining in the western evening sky. white-1218884_640At some point tonight or tomorrow night, the sliver of the moon will appear near venus. This conjunction is a rebirth of the feminine inside the intense rebirth of the eclipse. We are shifting, releasing the old, lightening our frequencies through heartbreak and other odd ways, and rising on the wings of an unseen spiritual force, guiding us all. We can trust, even amidst the human foibled pain, heartbreak and disappointment. We are becoming something more beautiful like a caterpillar that has to “dissolve,” in order to fly with new wings. We are dissolving in the eclipse field. Everything we thought we were is dissolving. So we can be reborn. We are right in the middle, the dissolution and the phoenix, overlapping in this time. phoenix-1292958_1280Trust your inner phoenix at times like this and don’t be afraid to take risks, and do everything you can for your dreams, like James Bond would. (that is how you take the reins of a Mars Uranus conjunction, you take the reins of life, you don’t give up, not to force, but to go with the flow of your authentic guidance, even when it terrifies you. Take the leap : be faithful to what you know: be James Bond and the superhero of your own life!

. . . . . . . . . . . .
azlan-photos-by-miraja-design-17Author’s Note:
Wolf News, we are in a transformation ourselves, in a lot of chaos in the move and have lost the most precious animal–the mama of the whole pack. We are not sure if she escaped during the capture or if she has been taken from inside the animal control system. We are in need of prayers and financial contributions to bring this whole situation back to peace in our transformation! Please contact me for details. Lomi is to the left. Please send prayers for her safety and return. It is possible she is “missing inside the animal control system.” we are not certain yet what happened to her.