February 26, 2017 – New Moon Solar Eclipse: What Would James Bond Do?

MiracleMindIMageThe NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE takes place at [6:58 am pst/ 7:58 am mst/ 8:58 am cst/ 9:58 am est]  at 09 Pisces. This is an eclipse of our imagination: can we “imagine our way out of our loss grief and pain, and into a rising of the tide?” Eclipses, and especially in the days just before, and right after, are intense shadow clearing times, portals of open energy in and out. Times of intense transformation and catharsis and EGO DEATH! Some of the most vulnerable raw, release-commanding time we ever walk through. A thousand Blessings in all you do!

earth-1964822_640In my dream the angel shrugged and said, “If we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination,” then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.                                                                                       –Brian Andreas

This eclipse is so potent, it has truly miracle-making power. Along with a conjunction with NEPTUNE–the big planet of water, imagination, and flow, [12:56 pm pst/ 1:56 pm mst/ 2:56 pm cst/ 3:56 pm est] – there is a mystical, watery, emotional space of this eclipse that is profound and soul-moving.

To add immense “miracle-making-power,” and a “James Bond Moment,” MARS james-bond-1015612_640CONJUNCTS URANUS [4:17 pm pst/ 5:17 pm mst/ 6:17 pm cst/ 7:17 pm est] on this portal open day! Imagination, gratitude and prayer are keys to more openings. May we imagine what we need to – in order to fulfill our soul’s destiny. May we envision, like a warrior. In this “James Bond Moment,” what can we do for our life that James Bond would do? Its our hero moment, for our own life, or the life of a close friend or ally. Its time to be superhero’s for what we believe in!

sky-1122409_640May the SOURCE and FORCE be with you! Handle with Care this day–one of the most potent, powerful and volatile days in history. Watch anger, war-like tendencies and eruptive qualities. Peace and clear thinking are called for. Peace be with all beings.

It is time for the End of all war.