February 18, 2017 – Midpoint between Two Eclipses

roses-66527_1920MOON went into the VOID yesterday morning and doesn’t come out until [10:52 am pst/ 11:52 am mst/ 12:52 pm cst/ 1:52 pm est]. This MOON VOID is between Scorpio and Sagittarius. In this VOID, there is mystery and transformation.

MOON enters Sagittarius at 10:52 am pst/ 11:52 am mst/ 12:52 pm cst 1:52 pm est] – entering the heart of the world sign at a time between eclipses. The Whole World is on Fire Together, burning passion, compassion and the transforming of a planet and its people, to another place.

SUN enters Pisces from Aquarius at [3:32 am pst/ 4:32 am mst/ 5:32 am cst/ 6:32 am est] asking us for deeper compassion and softer vision. The next eclipse, in one week: a New Moon Solar Eclipse, will take place in the sign of Pisces. This is a “stairway to heaven,” and an opportunity for each of us to both give and receive the blessings of heaven and our Creator.

MOON SQUARE SUN [11:38 am pst/ 12:38 pm mst/ 1:38 pm cst/ 2:38 pm est]  challenges us to balance the corner in our lives between our spiritual knowings and spiritual practice and the place where we connect with and receive the “Whole World.” We are deepening our practices in both of these areas at this time. Between Eclipses, we are surfing a purification and death energy that is asking us to “let go,” of all the “extra baggage.”

eclipse-1190239_1920These eclipses purify us in areas of individual vs. community / relationships between ourselves and the community, and areas of deep transformation of patterns, stories, leadership themes and whole systems. Aquarius is related with Whole Systems and the way they can “leap” to another level. Leo loves to create, create, create, and this is important at a time of intense chaos and change. Pisces, the sign of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, is calling us to our deepest spiritual truths, may they re-align us with a deeper power after the shake up, of the eclipses.

May this mid-point between eclipses be the work of our soul. May we heart-195147_640understand it is an intense time of extremes, of a swinging pendulum and the shadow rearing its snakey head. It is a time to purify, purify, purify, on every level, to allow the Grim Reaper to go his job in his season, and to promote the right deaths, and protect all of life in our love.