February 10, 2017 – FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Leo ~ Shake Up of the Personal Egoic Boundaries, In Order To Nourish the Community Soul

The FULL MOON ECLIPSE takes place in the late afternoon/evening. (4:33 pm pdt/ 5:33 pm mdt/ 6:33 pm cdt/ 7:33 pm edt). eclipse-297663_1280In the Western Zodiacal Sign of Leo, the Lion. 

This eclipse, being in a sign that asks us to “shine our uniqueness,” to find our truths and speak them, to join in the great community of life in our own authentic way and allow the shake up to activate a better re-organization of self and village.

Here’s some Important Sensibilities related to All Eclipses:
The Nature Of Eclipses 
and some Recommendations for highest crossing: 

1. Eclipses: Shake up every person’s ego structures to varying levels, as called for so the Divine can more fully enter us. (we can open to this–even allow it)

2. Create a Crack in the fabric through which many spirits can come and go–its a portal (protection and vigilance in the invisible world) 
3. Are the most powerful astronomical phenomenon that mirrors the most powerful phenomenon and living experience within us. (may we honor life)

4. Are a time to “allow shake ups,” make shake ups, allow wake ups, and make wake ups. Its a shake up, wake up time!  Dancing, moving, awakening.
5. show perceived darkness or perceived destruction of one kind or another and the “shake up,” and “destruction,” always leads to a better more aligned (re-organized state). This is the destruction before the re-organization.
6. INVITE CHAOS--Eclipses bring Chaos. The Chaos will spur the re-organization.
7. The re-organization is divinely guided. (Listen Well)

bird-shakeWater8. Eclipses are the worst time to do something that is not in alignment with divine intent, and the best time to do something that is. (align with the divine)
9. Call for : Vigilance, persistence, Attentiveness to every detail during the eclipse field–now–are important to avoid disasters, unecessary deaths and other unwanted things that we can avoid when we are super vigilant and super listening. Listen well. Pay attention to every step, don’t compromise attention while driving, don’t put yourself in compromising situations of any kind. Reach out to others, Ask for help.
10. In wisdom ask for us to : hands-718560_1280Cleanse, Purify, Let Go, allow the death of old stuff. Utilize the force of death to purify and serve the highest purpose.
11. This time breeds insecurity. The remedy: We are all in this together! When the world is shaking, may we hold hands and be the light and security for each other in insecure times.
. . . .
THIS FULL MOON ECLIPSE carries very high blessings. It is surrounded by grace from other planets, as if protecting this particular shake up as if it is birthing something way more powerful and way more far-reaching than any of us can currently see or imagine. We can trust the natural larger-than-us-forces at work in our lives at this time. May we receive them, and collaborate with all of life, nature and the divine at this most potent time of increasing awareness and parting of the veils. flower-1356584_640

For those astro-nuts, interested: here are some details of the grace aspects surrounding the eclipse:

MERCURY SEXTILE VENUS [1:18 pm pst/ 2:18 pm mst/ 3:18 pm cst/ 4:18 pm est]. The feminine is communicating amidst itself.  There is a “buzz” amidst women, and their energy is forming important networking, co-support, protection and a tightening web that is called for at this time.

POTENTIZED ECLIPSED MOON TRINE URANUS : fire-298115_640[2:36 pm pst/ 3:36 pm mst/ 4:36 pm cst/ 5:36 pm est] is a pathway through perceived limitation, through perceived veils. The lightning of miracle possibility is in our hands today. Miracles are possible and there is extra “miracle fuel” in this day and in this eclipse time. (for all of us). This miracle fuel is for anything we need, and for ignighting our soul’s purpose and our community transformation with imagination, new technology, and the unexpected solutions to problems in ways that could be “beyond our mind’s thinking.”

Here is the Eclipse in the midst of these grace aspects: FULL MOON ELIPSE IN LEO: [4:33 pm pst/ 5:33 pm mst/ 6:33 pm cst/ 7:33 pm est]
What are the treasures to seek during this day? . . . .
Our highest self, our personal truth and its living needs to express into the living fabric of life, life over death, grace over shame, sharing over hiding, gifting over judging, being curious instead of “knowing,” opening instead of closing, . . . . . being light, shining, being courageous, being fully oneself, and doing something creative and radical that we know inside we need to do for our own soul’s evolution. Today is a good day to do that. Please hunt for the treasures of the day and I will too.

green-547400_640CHARGED POTENTIZED MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [5:40 pm pst/ 6:40 pm mst/ 7:40 pm cst/ 8:40 pm est] is THE GRACE BRINGING ASPECT of this Eclipse Passage–for Jupiter is the King of Grace. Related to Ganesh, Abundance, Openings, and Great New Opportunities, Jupiter is a reflection of vast unseen resources within us and around us. May we share and live in abundance, even during the shake-up.

POTENTIZED CHARGED ECLIPSED MOON TRINE SATURN [9:52 pm pst/ 10:52 pm mst/ 11:52 pm cst/ 12:52 am (late night) est] reveals the elemental energies today to shake ups that lead to deeper organization and re-structuring of authority and form. The new authority established after the dissolution will ultimately work better than what appears to shake up the whole fabric now.  The old forms–we may fear losing–however the new ones are so much better we can free ourselves of the fear and let go the old forms for even unseen unknown new ones. puzzle-earthThe TRINE with SATURN reveals that we have the ‘structure builder,” on our side, Wisdom is watching. Wisdom is just waiting (or not waiting and shaking it up) for a clear open foundation upon which to build the new world that Jesus Christ, or God, or the living fabric of life, (whatever we believe in) has crafted for us. The new forms are coming. This shake up is an opening. It is an opening through which a whole new order within and without can arise. This new order, cannot help, from the forces at play, but be held by the divine. Any Order that is not in alignment with true God energy may be destroyed and dissassembled at this time. The dissassembly is only temporary to re-order in more authentic divine alignment and in a better form. (Good things are also dissassembled to reform)–all things may receive this shake up.