January 12, 2017 – FULL MOON in Cancer – Lighting up the Homeland – Wolf Moon – Cold Moon – Community Moon

meditation-644859_640 Full Moon in Cancer (pre-dawn this morning), [3:34 am pst/ 4:34 am mst/ 5:34 am cst/ 6:34 am est] is lighting up the homeland within us, in our intimate personal lives, and in our homeland country.
Having crossed an OPPOSITION with PLUTO just before becoming full, this lunar cycle and the one to follow are still part of the ongoing “Revolution,” within and around us that is part of the changing of era’s.

Better than “Homeland Security,” is the true security from authentic gathering of community.crabs-1220314_640

VENUS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [1:54 pm pst/ 2:54 pm mst/ 3:54 pm cst/ 4:54 pm est] is a sweet creative feminine flow energy. Neptune brings us a fluid energy of flowing like a river, like water, cleansing, washing, releasing, forgiving, letting go of all that is not needed in the new ONE YEAR of a NEW ENERGY BEGINNING.

We can “write our own fantasy novel life,” now at the new beginning we step into. Which character are we? and how do we fit in our community of characters? crab-63084_640Real community is where we get to share our stories of color, delight and imagination. Cancer, is mother and children, gathering the whole community around the fire when it is cold (sometimes called the “cold moon.”)

This is the time of year for us to feel the “cold,” separating force that purifies, through loss, removal and the raw bare bones needs to change. Structure, form and the cold hard truths call out for reform and purification, forward motion from the bottom of our life, so that as the Solar cycle rises, and creative force of life builds, we are ready, with the torn down old form ready to rebuild the new era, new world and new nine year cycle of creation. campfire-984020_640

Gathering around the warmth of joined hearts, like a hearth-fire is a solution and the appropriate medicine for the Cold Moon. In Community we can solve all the problems that transformation from an old cycle to a new one, brings forth.

Halelujah! This is also called the Wolf Moon! Due to wolves also getting hungry at this cold time of year and as well “gathering with nearby community,” often gathering outside of villages to ask them for assistance with food at this lean time of year. WolfMoonIconAll of us call for assistance in the “cold time.” Its good to be there for and with each other in this season of transformation!

Cancer in the Mystical Tarot journey of change is connected to the CHARIOT. The chariot being both a magical vehicle of ascension to the next level, (closing the old cycle moving to the new one), but also a gathering of tribe and family to focus to the next place. “We are all in this vehicle together,” and . . . where is it that we are going? The Chariot archetype reminds us to “focus,” clearly with intent, on “where we are going!” Like a good chariotteer, we collect both light horses and dark horses and ask them all to go in the same direction.carriage-1298728_640

The next full moon, February 10th, will be an eclipse. Our power of intention and clear focus on “where we are going,” is extremely important at this time.  Eclipses bring change with a force and power that is as deep as an earthquake or death.  Humility under the spiritual guidance and path that we walk is important during an eclipse field. The eclipse field is incoming now. Things will start a-shakin’ and wakin’ . . . . its good to prepare in any way we can for the shake ups to come in February–during the tightest window of the first Eclipse portal of 2017!

Mercury has just gone direct on January 8th, (from late Sagittarius where it retrograded back.) Now forward, it enters grounded Capricorn, where Pluto lives–today. Mercury forward moving at our feet into the sign of structure and restructure. bald-eagle-140793_640Its time to form the year ahead according to our own plan.  The plan may or may not hold its track–through an eclipse field, however placing it there, is called upon right now–what are your resolutions, intentions, and plans (for your highest and the highest of our world)in the year ahead?

FULL moon is on the United States Mercury, so our U.S. persona is in Full Moon of discussion! Again with our country–its so much more constructive to focus on “where we are going,” rather than what we are seeing in politicians before us. Instead, Where is the usa-1491752_640Chariot of the United States going, according to us? We need to gather together and set clear intention for direction (aside from politics,) where are we going as a nation of people? If it were UP TO US, with no other consciousness “in charge,” where would we take the country? Where would we take the fabric of consciousness and change in our current homeland?

MOON enters the VOID at the FULL MOON pre-dawn Thursday. This FULL MOON day is a wild VOID–a great time for cleaning between the era’s !!flag-217619_640

At 4:08 pm pst/ 5:08 pm ms/t 6:08 pm cst/ 7:08 pm est] MOON leaves the FULL MOON VOID and enters fiery creative Leo. The evening is a time to wake up the sleeping lion within and get busy leading ourselves and our communities in a new direction for a new time!

Tomorrow: symbolic FRIDAY the 13th: in a sacred day of “no aspects,” can be fourth-of-july-820529_640a reminder that The Feminine Goddess is rising, and although it used to scare a lot of people–it isn’t so scary to have feminine wisdom returning to its just and equal place of honor along-side a well-oiled patriarchal culture we are coming from.

Being a year of the Red Fire Rooster: (Chinese new year celebration coming at the end of the month)–we are awakened and invited to cackle and caw our thoughts and sharings out to the world this year! Its time to step into our crazy wisdom and authentic wild leadership from the heart.  Cock a doodle dooooooo!! Be red! Be in charge of your year! Like a good emperor–may you be firm in the charge of your own life!

. .  . . . . . . . .  . .

Author’s Note:
On Treasure Map for Your Soul: In returning to Santa Fe, I’ve seen the journey that began with a fundraising campaign to write and publish the Treasure Map for your soul work. This work was interrupted by the wolves entering my life with a huge need for my full time and attention. Now as I land back in my own homeland–returning to my stuff–storage–and pull all my scattered pieces back in for purification and re-organization myself–I’m looking at the WHOLE treasure map journey. The treasure maps for clients have been delayed (I’m so sorry about that.) And my charioteer is so happy to be in a home in my returned-to-homeland-for refocus. I’m designing the whole Treasure Map unfolding and how to share it with all of you!! If you are curious or would like to collaborate in this–please be in touch! Its coming! . . . . please excuse wolf-based-delays! Please stay tuned!

On Astrology Readings in the New Year!! She’s ready to unfurl the star-maps for you! Whether you paid already during one of the recent campaigns, or you want to book a reading for you or a friend (or both of you–we can conference in a two person / two reading sacred time together). This is a good time to schedule an Astrology reading by phone! And its a good time to see into the year ahead with light and vision. Together we can strengthen your year!

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