December 13, 2016 – FULL MOON in Gemini – Two Faces and Two Hands of All People – Communication of Truths and Lies

full-moon-1668805_640FULL MOON in Gemini is this evening at [4:05 pm pst/ 5:05 pm mst/ 6:05 pm cst/ 7:05 pm est]. Gemini is the sign of expression, communications, hands, keys, cars, and our own two faces. In Gemini–we are given two hands, two lips, two feet, and two wings.

Each of us has two faces. The one that turns toward and the one turning away. The face that lies and the one that tells the truth. The face that wants to see deeper and the face who wants only the surface. Like the sign of Gemini–we can see our two faces in Gemini. (and the two faces of others).

gemini-818280_640Somewhere . . . . between “the truth,” and “the lies,” there is life. Life gives us everything at once. The mouth with which to speak truth or lies. The breath with which to animate. Gemini is a place of innocent animation. Hands that talk, feet that fly, and whispers in our ears that are so ridiculous–all we can do is laugh and come to life, forgetting about the words for a moment of laughter and communion with all of life, with all its messy truths and lies, falling out together.

MOON TRINE JUPITER this FULL MOON morning, kids-143022_640[10:24 am pst/ 11:24 am mst/ 12:24 pm cst/ 1:24 pm est]  is a big boost to the rising light of the FULL MOON. JUPITER in Libra is gifting us with an expansion of friendship. Our inter-relatedness matters. We can be lifted in light and bouyancy by our friends and loved-ones! We can also lift others with our hands of baking and mouths of sharing joy. Even though it isn’t the 1950’s anymore and we have all lost our broken 1950’s relationships, there is still love in our friendships, allies and new found love. Love is so regenerative, it never stops coming. In Gemini, that love takes many faces.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [11:04 am pst/ 12:04 pm mst/ 1:04 pm cst/ 2:04 pm est] hands-1256711_640is a personal challenge with boundaries, limitation and/or another’s authority. This Full Moon calls us into our own personal authority. The kind that is “beyond words.”

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [1:18 pm pst/ 2:18 pm mst/ 3:18 pm cst/ 3:18 pm est] invites invention and radical fun into the mix for solutions and life.

all-62282_640MARS TRINE FULL MOON [9:57 pm pst/ 10:57 pm mst/ 11:57 pm cst/ 12:57 pm est] Aquarius to Gemin, with Jupiter in Libra–gives us a GRAND TRINE for the FULL MOON activating a lightness of heart, and elevated being. Nomatter what our challenges, we are called forward into shared dignity, shared grace and magic that happens when community comes together in support of each other. This is a very powerful time of intermingled community support for everyone! Relationships, and interrelatedness holds the keys to moving forward into the new world.

This is the peak of the December lunar cycle! From here we surf down into the Winter Solstice, end of the old sun journey, and beginning of the new Solar Year, on Dec. 21.

This FULL MOON may we remind ourselves that the Power of the word, is not in our chatter, or our pettiness, not in our judgements of others, or our lips-1819464_640ability to label, identify and separate, calling out all our opinions and ideas, but rather in our ability to join with the creator and other beings in a symphony of life. We are met with the magic of life, not with our eyes toward narrow limited views that spit out sentences of fear-based ideas, even if we call them “observations,” but in our deep soulful prayers and creative sharings that are surface because our lips are there, but stem from deeper wells of wisdom and joy. Our hearts are deep mysterious places of life. Our inner soul-connected heart-scape, is the place where what we are doing here lives. Our lips and mind have not the answers, but the ability to guide the music that we dance to each day. What is the rythm of today? creative-725811_640Is it a tap dance? Tap Tap on the surface of the child-like Gemini mind, to empty it of all judgment and fear, for the inner child of Gemini is pure-hearted and filled with curiosity and wonder. This Monkey year we are drawing toward a close, is honored in Gemini’s lightest of lights. May we bring lightness of being into our steps for the rest of the cycle in honor of the light-hearted, light-mouthed, light-footed Gemini part of ourselves! consciousness-1719996_640Deep and Surface Gemini Full Moon Blessings! May we laugh at ourselves and all others on the surface and as we go deeper may we get really creative with our soul-juices in the lightness of being of the Gemini wings and heart. Tapping away on the music of the Grand Central Sun of light, echoing through our own hands, eyes and winded wings. Where shall we fly next?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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