November 25, 2016 – Another Radical Shift Day!

landscape-1799006_640This day has the cathartic power to shift us dramatically, in our life, in our power and on our creative path. MOON in Libra, in the dark unwinding part of the lunar cycle is unwinding old relationship stuff and composting it, preparing it for the “new growing season,” of new era relationships that are still incoming, erupting through the old world way of seeing each other and how we be together.

VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO is the power to shift our art and use art for our power. With self-love we can transform. emancipate-1779132_640This is powerful breakthrough energy as its also SQUARE JUPITER and OPPOSITE URANUS–pointing to a real revolution with in–of the very best kind!

May  your revolution be just so robust and for real. May you be so happy unfolding into your true self.