November 6, 2016 – Death-Rebirth Weekend – Healing Mind

awake-721334_640Today is the day after “falling back,” in time, so it is now an hour earlier, than yesterday–in our sunrise-to-sunset-timeline. It will seem lighter a little later for  a minute–even though the days are getting shorter!

As we spiral up in time, we also spiral up in frequency. MOON CONJUNCT MARS [2:56 am pdt/ 3:56 am mdt/ 4:56 am cdt/ 5:56 am edt] at the heels of MOON crossing PLUTO in Capricorn. This PLUTO is a death/rebirth initiator.  The death side of the transformation took place yesterday–today–the resurrection, rebirth, or “push-through-the-birth-canal-we’d-been-stuck-in”--is happening!

MOON enters Aquarius [at 5:55 am pdt/ 6:55 am mdt/ 7:55 am cdt/ 8:55 edt]. Here we go into community-minded nature. awakening-675330_640

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON [11:01 am pdt/ 12:01 pm mdt/ 1:01 pm cdt/ 2:01 pm edt] Words that wound or heal. Words that come easily–can they wound or heal? Can our words heal? What do we say to be a healing presence everywhere we go?
MERCURY INCONJUNcT URANUS [9:11 pm pdt/ 10:11 pm mdt/ 11:11 pm cdt/ 12:11 am late night edt] is a birth canal opening on a whole new frequency. These two planets are “speed planets,” and they are going to “step up the energy,” elevating both time-space-speed, and frequency. Ascension is not just a word but a spiralling up in energy–breaking through old patterns and rising above them to new ones that are more life-giving to and from the New Era.

. . . . . . .

gratitude-1251061_640Author’s Note: I’m back from a spontaneous break that I took to move from the wilderness into civilization for the winter. Now in a wonderful home with three big fenced enclosures, I am moving toward more and more peace. As the wolf pack grounds, so do I.  Having just crossed the New Moon in Scorpio, there are a lot of powerful “secret things,” . . . . things we are best not to share, brewing within, giving birth at this time. May we empower the births that are of the New Era ! I feel the New Era within me and look forward to sharing that with all of you in time!

. . . . . .

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