October 28, 2016 – Grace, Leaps of Faith, Movement and Change!

MOON is still in Libra inviting partners to anchor each other more deeply in love. All partnerships and creative endeavors work with the energy of love–may they all feel this power anchoring for creativity.

swan-839599_640MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER in Libra [3:43 am pdt/ 4:43 am mdt/ 5:43 am cdt/ 6:43 am edt] is an intimate expansion toward relaxation into divine support, divine sustenance, and the changing landscape of grace in our midst.

VENUS and SATURN are near each other and our inner feminine creative self is grounding, rooting and preparing.

wild-rose-1618964_640MOON SEXTILE VENUS [7:44 am pdt/ 8:44 mdt/ 9:44 cdt/ 10:44 edt] invites sweet beauty into our hands, heart and eyes.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [10:54 am pdt/ 11:54 am mdt/ 12:54 pm cdt/ 1:54 pm edt] is a grounding force of nature inviting us to root ourselves into the soil and soul of the world more deeply, readying to grow further into a new era and a new energy.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [1:11 pm pdt/ 2:11 pm mdt/ 3:11 pm cdt/ 4:11 pm edt] is a catharsis, death or rebirth–again and again–reborn–each day–and especially today. In the middle of the day–there’s a challenge or dress-864107_640test of our own intimate power base. Can we root in more deeply to our own power of the intelligence of love? How does love make boundaries? How does love focus attention on what is most important?

While the feminine is grounding and rooting, the masculine is breaking free, and must break free now: MARS SQUARE URANUS [9:06 pm pdt/ 10:06 pm mdt/ 11:06 pm cdt/ 12:06 pm edt] is a corner of pressure toward freedom and breakthrough. Its the season for freedom, revolution and change–still, and again.

nature-670674_640MOON is dark and waning at the end of the cycle of partnership renewal. This new moon coming is a renewal of our core power center. As the Moon wanes: May we root deeply into the heart, in order to fly free of all that burdens our soul.

October 27, 2016 – Partnership and Communications Renewal – Incoming Light – Strength, Courage and Wisdom

flowers-209144_640MOON is in Libra, waning, toward the darkest days of the lunar cycle, and toward the New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th.

With all the PLUTO, URANUS, freedom and breakthrough aspects going on, there is continued shifting, changing and breaking through old shtuff in all forms. Today’s MOON in Libra offers rest in the arms of those we love, resting in the unfolding lunar unwinding, that is a “letting go,” in its highest, . . . . the healthy outbreaths of our current cycle–final completions in the next few days.

MERCURY CONJUNCT the SUN in Scorpio [9:16 am pdt/ 10:16 am mdt/ 11:16 am cdt/ 12:16 pm edt] is a powerful light-filled color-1757579_640expansion of information, blessings and creativity received from the sun. Another aspect, giving “new life,” however this form of life is in our creative communications with our social atmosphere.

MARS SEXTILE CHIRON [7:50 pm pdt/ 8:50 pm mdt/ 9:50 pm cdt/ 10:50 pm edt] is a sharp and active healing arrow. Our inner masculine is wounded–every one of us. Our inner male has not had the healthy culture around it that would provide an unwounded masculine. This aspect brings active healing experience. We are potentially provoked and stirred–however in ways that will provoke unwinding and healing–and can apply the universe’s balm to the open places–with strength courage and wisdom.
. . . . .

Today and every day, may we apply “Strength, Courage and Wisdom,” to every situation!

October 25, 2016 – Overcoming Love Confusion by Letting Go and Loving Life Itself and All who are in it.

swans-1144102_640There is a deep rumbling within each of us today. It is coming from the place within us where power lives. This power within us can manifest in many many forms. Power can come in the form of loving someone: feeling passion, love and desire for another: to be with them, and merge ourselves with them–is one form of power that we have to work with. The power and magic of love. This is ours.

SUN is in Scorpio [as of Saturday Oct 22] and its the season of power.

london-eye-1121516_640Today surfs the Mutable cross as SATURN, MOON, NEPTUNE and VENUS squaring each other bring us to the edges of our love and creativity questions. The mutable cross is about flexibility and fluidity–the ability to adapt and change. This tension is bringing up the next shift–and our ability to work with each other in ways that are more flexible and fluid than we have known before in our limited old-world-mindset.

candles-168011_640MOON SQUARE VENUS [1:55 pm pdt/ 2:55 pm mdt/ 3:55 pm cdt/ 4:55 pm edt] may bring up love angst. Creative angst and the need to problem solve.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [2:24 pm pdt/ 3:24 pm mdt/ 4:24 pm cdt/ 5:24 pm edt] is an opportunity to resist the flow or jump into the river with ease, joy or surrender to the flow. Resistance or let go? If its a choice, . . . . . time to put the mind in a healthy raft of meditation and float to what we know is next.

VENUS SQUARES NEPTUNE–(exact this evening)-[6:54 pm pdt/ 7:54 pm mdt/ 8:54 pm cdt/ 9:54 pm edt]:  Love questions are up! Why, Who, What is love? The RIVER of NEPTUNE says, “just let go a little and go with the flow!”    . . . If he loved me? If she loved me? self-esteem-1566153_640

If I loved me.  What would I do if I LOVED ME? 

Today is a day to let go of the details of who loves who, how who loves who does it, or what the plan is for love to love. Love just wants to love, and it doesn’t only want to love one person with whom we have sex.

green-547400_640Love wants to be much bigger than that! Love wants to express, create and share so much with so many. We are all here to collaborate on a rising reality that creates a Global Family. We are not here to limit love to one person. These questions, of “how?” are up. Can we just let go and love?  (without assumption, attachment, projection or need?)–Can we love without putting a bunch of . . . . . on the others? Can we experience pure unadulterated giving? Can we let go of the details and just love fully? purely? (all beings who are here with us?!!)

MOON SQUARE SATURN [10:56 pm pdt/ 11:56 pm mdt/ 12:56 am late night cdt/ 1:56 am edt] Self Responsibility is a good way to say this. In so many great communications practices–we are called to take “self responsibility.”butterfly-1445685_640 This means . . . . In the past I messed up in this way. I misunderstood, I assumed. I thought, perhaps unkindly, or inaccurately, and I take self-responsibility for the mistake I made and the repercussions it had on relationship, and life. Late tonight–there is a meditation time of responsible repair and infrastructural building that comes from an innate wisdom within. Mantra for this Square: I can take self-responsibility, and repair the broken places I see, in the social and infrastructural net of life.

. . . blessings in your river of flow and your “mending.”

October 24, 2016 – MOON VOID – Deep Shifting of Power bases

girl-162474_640MOON is in Leo this early morning long enough to TRINE URANUS [5:21 am pdt/ 6:21 am mdt/ 7:21 am cdt/ 8:21 am edt] before going VOID. This MOON VOID is between Leo and Virgo. This morning, the voice of freedom calls out! Find me! Seek me, be me!

MOON is VOID between the passionate creative fire in us, and its practical earth-based wisdom to do the details–Virgo. MOON enters Virgo tonight [8:16 pm pdt/ 9:16 pm mdt/ 10:16 pm cdt/ 11:16 pm edt]–after a day of switchychangy energy in the shifting power base of Scorpio influence.

apple-570965_1920MERCURY enters Scorpio today mid-day, then is SEXTILED by the MOON in earthy Virgo this evening: [9:16 pm pdt/ 10:16 pm mdt/ 11:16 pm cdt/ 12:16 pm edt] and we are loved by the third dimensional earth plane. Where we plant our feet: our ground: loves us. May we allow the ground of the third dimension and the “ground of our being,” to love us, for life itself is a loving experience of being alive. May we live as the loved creatures that we are.
May we be love in the shifting power base.   The power of love is rising.

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