October 19, 2016 – Power; Shift; Action; Divine Transfiguration ~ Dead or Alive? The passion to live, ignight! Fire of Life!

Today is a big day in the astrological sky. MARS CONJUNCTS PLUTO [4:22 am pdt/ 5:22 am mdt/ 6:22 am cdt/ 7:22 am edt] for another deep acupuncture shift point in the fabric of time. May this volatile change point be a place of power, where we are able to focus intensely on the shift before us, on all levels, decision-1697537_640in a way that we can be present to the shift with wisdom and authority for our own choices. Choices we must make, that no one can make for us.

Victim consciousness may be a sign that we have failed to take our own authority into our own hands–wholly. This intense and powerful reunion day between our power and our action, is a day to align our inner soul’s purpose in our “outer world” actions. Its a day (and a time) to take charge in a soulful way that is truthful for each one of us. This truth is not always to celebrate–right away–sometimes it takes great courage, surrender, vision, or “see-through-it,” to get through these “power points,” in time. At intense places of energy and power: we an take the care to make “right-for-us,” choices, we know what they are and its important to make them. Often there are “deep choices,” and shifts we need to carry through that are called for in these times of change and radical shift.

The strongest message of MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO in Capricorn; castanera-1022164_640is that “we are each in charge of our own life,” via our choices. If something feels “out of alignment,” or “out of the grace of the natural order of things:” What choice or choices can we make to return our lives to a natural order?

What needs to live and what needs to die? What patterns support and which ones are old and already deteriorating?  What ideas, thoughts, situations, relationship grids, or rituals in life are old and out-dated and what needs renewing, what needs attention to grow and be reborn, or come forward like the new era calls forth, to respond to that call to rise toward growth and evolution in the new era. graves-1277181_640MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [4:40 am pdt/ 5:40 am mdt/ 6:40 am cdt/ 7:40 am edt]: Is a personal place of resistance and release. There is a completion of cycles on a grand scale going on–this is a place of intimately feeling this completion. And there is “letting go.” Letting go, is not always easy, and we are called to both “stand firm,” when we are at Standing Rock, and “let go,” of the old ways that are no longer fed by our “within.”

cobweb-1630493_640MERCURY INCONJUNCT CHIRON [1:02 pm pdt/ 2:02 pm mdt/ 3:02 pm cdt/ 4:02 pm edt] adds a place of edges and deep feeling places that ask to be touched, held, healed and connected to the whole.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [6:59 pm pdt/ 7:59 pm mdt/ 8:59 pm cdt/ 9:59 pm edt] is a communications solution to a day of transformation. The soothing parts of the day come from our wisdom, caring and love, shared through the “whatever way we can show we care,” way.

robin-409685_640MOON SEXTILE URANUS [7:41 pm pdt/ 8:41 pm mdt/ 9:41 pm cdt/ 10:41 pm edt] is a personal revolution, break-through and ultimately: “simple surrender to the changes under our feet, in our hearts, and pulsing the giant soul of the world.”

MOON in Gemini, the light-footed, light-hearted, light-handed genius, is touting through us, everything we need to know to follow through on the current catharsis. May we allow divine transfiguration now. It is in our midst.

. . . .


Author’s Note: We (the one wolf pack): are in the midst of another move. It seems these are the times for all of us to “keep moving!” We’ve loved where we’ve been. The animals were able to run free for a short time. They are still able to run in a slightly more contained way now, and we will be moving to a winter location with four fenced areas!  At the new location I will have a land line again, and be able to resume my Astrology School and readings! I’m so excited about this–we were “totally off-grid,” and in wilderness, at our other location! Donations to feed the wolf pack are welcome: Please click here!