October 15, 2016 – FULL MOON Saturday of October! FULL MOON in Aries ~ The harvest of the Sacred Self; Sacred Partnership ~ Nothing less will do.

moon-1280339_640SUN OPPOSITE URANUS as we enter this morning: [3:43 am pdt/ 4:43 am mdt/ 5:43 am cdt/ 6:43 am edt]: is a jolting-shaking-break-free energy that will not allow us to rest as deeply as usual. We will be freed or die tonight. We must free ourselves from burdens, untruths and cages of mind, body, heart and soul that are innapropriate–as we move forward.

MOON SQUARE MARS [3:54 am pdt/ 4:54 am mdt/ 5:54 am cdt/ 6:54 am edt]: is one acupuncture point in a larger MARS-PLUTO aspect in our midst now.
This big power will within us rise an appropriate volcanic eruption of our soulfulness, from our within, coming out–as the MARS-PLUTO-CONJUNCTION tightens. This POWERFUL CATHARTIC CONJUNCTION is what “we astrologers,” call: “T-SQUARE to the FULL MOON.” This means that we are to “set ourselves free of untruths,” stand up for our own path and walk it, to our best ability. woods-1524606_640It is the “free ourselves, or die,” situation. The MARS-PLUTO adds a quality of “life and death,” and the unfurling wisdom that if our life and soul’s purpose is “not lived,” it begins to eat us alive. To avoid this demise, we must stand up and ignore the projections and untruths that come at us to walk our truth in action and light, shining our wisdom and knowing from within, nomatter what comes at us. The Mars-Pluto Conjunction in T-Square to this full moon will throw us false apples, and swine to challenge our pearls. Only we know the way. We must walk it. We must walk our path in the face of opposition of all kinds. dream-1594636_640We must know and trust our own deepest heart, which allows our soul and life’s work to come forward and unpoison us.

MOON TRINE SATURN [4:46 am pdt/ 5:46 am mdt/ 6:46 am cdt/ 7:46 am mdt] offers Grounding. Earth-based–sustenance, food, water and a roof over our heads. Can we be so grateful for the physical supports that allow us to live this “oh my God-dess life!”

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [6:53 am pdt/ 7:53 am mdt/ 8:53 am cdt/ 9:53 am edt] in the cauldron of FULL MOON TRANSFORMATION may initiate a challenge to our ability to communicate, perhaps a test; and yet communication is the solution. chinese-675119_640First, communication with our-self and our own inner guidance is key. This must be clarified first, in order to maintain our “center,” from which all else can flow in appropriate grace. Without a center, we are a ship tossed on a lot of waves–not ours. Our center allows us to receive the blessings of each guided-from-within-step on “our path,” and keep going. Communication allows us to let others know how we will keep going on our path. They will not know–only we know. How we let them know our path can be our creative challenge. silence-1426251_640Are they soul-friends or are they swine? To one we reveal our secret journey ahead, as far as we may see anyway, to the other we give Ceasar’s due, in their eyes. We must know which is which–that is one of our jobs in this full moonlight weekend of the “Harvest of the Sacred Self!”  : Appropriate communication for appropriate people.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [8:20 am pdt/ 9:20 am mdt/ 10:20 am cdt/ 11:20 am edt] brings in our POWER. We can be afraid of our power as it rises up in the intense emotion that a sacred heart can have in the face of challenges; volcano-1728164_640we can stuff ourselves, down down in order to be “social.” . . . . or we can face this power and let it rise, rise rise, beyond what we think we are capable of holding, we can “let go,” and “not hold on,” to the shore. We must feel this intensity within, because IT IS OUR OWN POWER, attempting to communicate.  Your power is rising. How will you handle this rising of your own power from within? Will you honor it or fear it?

MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO [7:29 pm pdt/ 8:29 pm mdt/ 9:29 pm cdt/ 10:29 pm edt] hawaii-142138_640is when our power reaches our throat. It rises as undefined emotion, or an energy from within that wants to “break free of something.” We may create a story out of our lives, that reveals a kind of “pressure cooker,” for us to rise through. Although we may not “know,” where this power is taking us, we must trust it, listen, love it and allow it to MOVE through us. We can be safe about this, we can be honoring. We are called to allow intense emotional energies to move through us until wisdom is distilled. In their release, something else is revealed. Communicating ourselves to others is a gift, a practice and a necessity in these times. snake-516507_640However how we communicate can be more loving than ever before because that is also called for. We can be honoring of every human being; as we communicate “the intensities coming forth in us.”  SSSSSssssssssssservicing each other’s Soul’s Journey–we are in service to the soul. Shhhhhhhhh! Its so deep we can’t really speak of it–words fall short. However we can create words that come close to honoring each other’s soul.

dinosaur-1729276_640MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in Aries [8:11 pm pdt/ 9:11 pm mdt/ 10:11 pm cdt/ 11:11 pm edt] is our ultimate call to freedom. That is one of the strong clear messages of this FULL MOON, “Set Yourself FREE,” . . . . ” or drink the poison of not rendering your soul’s work in the world.”

FULL MOON is later this evening: Peaking at: [9:23 pm pdt/ 10:23 pm mdt/ 11:23 pm cdt/ 12:23 am edt]. This is a Full Moon of the Harvest of the most authentic soulful self and only the partnerships lovers-1676972_640that support that Sacred Self. Those partnerships–which support and sustain “the sacred self within,” are worth gold and they are the path forward. Nothing less than “Sacred partnership,” honoring each one’s sacred self and authentic Soul path: will do in these times.

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