October 14, Friday of FULL MOON Weekend ~ The Harvest of the Sacred Self

flags-1384193_640MOON enters Aries this Friday morning–just before [Full Moon Saturday]our creative power is at its peak, and rising. [8:08 am pdt/ 9:08 am mdt/ 10:08 am cdt/ 11:08 am edt] We’ve been through a relationship cooker, most-likely–since this is the cycle of Libra Sun and Aries Moon. This opposition inspires the dance of the self and other–an egoic death, on one hand; a heart-felt playground on the other–if we can get to the pure, innocent heart, who has “no agenda,” and no place to go, other than the place our current soul’s directive propels us! We can innocently open our hearts to the journey of human love. birch-971209_640Our path.  This Full Moon–now rising: encourages the Harvest of our most authentic vulnerable “soul-carved” self. I’m calling it “the sacred self.
We are also challenged to a clear reflection and “standing with,” the “others,” we’ve chosen to walk this path with. Opposite the self, is other. Together: a dance erupts, that is our life, our learning, and our ultimate lessons refining the sacred self.

plant-944320_640Just before entering Aries this morning, MOON TRINED VENUS [12:13 am pdt/ 1:13 am mdt/ 2:13 am cdt/ 3:13 am edt] In the middle of the night–love infused us with more love-wisdom to move with–on Full Moon Weekend–coming. “We are on an evolutionary journey as a species toward love,” says every wisdom teaching we’ve seen lately. This is not a new idea that we are all here to “open the heart,” and learn to “see the divinity,” in others, rather than their issues, foibles, or judged parts.  This “path of love,” is surfacing through every wisdom teaching on earth.

defenses-788786_640SUN INCONJUNCT CHIRON [7:11 am pdt/ 8:11 am mdt/ 9:11 am cdt/ 10:11 am edt] initiating the day today–solar energy entering our soulful places within–invites the deep openings to vulnerability to open us even further, to “let the light in,” and invite the ripping off of long-held bandaids–for deeper healing, after the scar-tissue and armor is removed. Raw, open and vulnerable we are a landscape for the divine to mold, rather than a locked caged heart of defense.

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN [11:46 am pdt/ 12:46 pm mdt/ 1:46 pm cdt/ 2:46 pm edt] is a grounding force of connection to the earth. When we need it most, butterfly-1197388_640the earth spirits rise up under our feet, with a path that may be “less travelled,” and yet is supported. The way is clear. It is time we allow each other to walk each one’s true path. We cannot know another’s path, for we barely know our own–but the steps right in front of us. Another’s path is their own. Each one knows–within–free of the “old judgements of an old patriarchal era.” We are called to honor each one’s path and first of all our own.

This is a time of “Judgement Day,” which less morbid than it sounds, is the “last day of judgement,” when we finally lay down our swords and stop judging others completely. We (human beings)identity-683963_640 rise into another consciousness that is “more divine,” more “Christed,” and more ascended. We are still called to “rise,” and to ascend.
Intimate relationship will test us to “rise above,” the non-essential, the unkind, and the egoic separation, to find a place of peace, balance and kindness. Nomatter what kind of relationships we have–kindness is called for.  In order to “ascend,” from judgement and violence to divinity and kindness, the heart: leads the way.

finches-213176_640URANUS is nearby in this FULL MOON dance this weekend. Beginning before today, however deepening today–is a wild force of change, freedom and break through that enters our life and shakes us and everyone else up as long as we are tied to things that inhibit our soul’s true expression. Sometimes our relationships are this thing that blocks our soul. This is not another’s fault. There is no one to blame but “old era patterns,” that affect us all. We are all clearing the old-relationship paradigms and patterns, for the new ones. As these paradigms shift–sometimes our hearts are broken open along the way as part of each one’s authentic journey.

concept-1313755_640A cracked broken-open heart is a more loving heart. We are not heart-broken–open-by-life: so we will shut down and be afraid of life, but so we will open, and allow the break to open us up to vulnerable unlimited possibilities that lie on the other side of open. From broken, to open, lies all the potential of our souls to manifest, here on earth, through a deepened self. The soul needs us to be deepened and seasoned by life to be real enough to carry our purposes all the way here.  board-928386_640 

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [8:34 pm pdt/ 9:34 pm mdt/ 10:34 pm cdt/ 11:34 pm edt] is more big expansion, more spiralling up in frequency and more challenge to be fluid in our ability to switch paradigms. We are not here to play the old way. The era’s have shifted, new patterns, new ways, new paths are here for the new time and each of us is faced with these new un-walked-paths before us. font-954949_640     In the middle of the night between Friday and Full Moon Saturday, we are called to “break free,” of every false limitation, false beliefs, and old era bullshit of all kinds, for the shining, divine sacred self, in ourselves and others. man-1207687_640URANUS OPPOSES the SUN [3:43 am pdt/ 4:43 am mdt/ 5:43 am cdt/ 6:43 am edt] No more stupid stories that disempower ourselves and others, we are called to be bigger, wider, deeper, more musical, more soulful and a part of a divine and wholly sacred plan to become a deeply “most sacred version of ourselves.” We are called to be truly FREE. This is free of judgements–others’ and our own. If others judge us, we are called not to pay attention anymore to that. If we judge ourselves, the same thing is true–we are called to know that is not correct or appropriate for our own mind to entertain. mask-1306181_640We are called to BREAK FREE of all JUDGEMENTS and FEARFUL HESITATIONS that limit the sacred self and its fully realized soulful plan. One that emanates from heart not mind. The mind just doesn’t know and we have to let its limitations go.

We are called to rise into partnerships that support this “sacred self,” and to walk away from the rest. paragliding-1306371_640In attention and action we rise into being divine. Falling away is all else. We must stand in this rise and fall. We must rise into divinity, let go of what our minds might judge in ourselves and others, and walk our path, letting the rest go.

May we let go of baggage we don’t need in all forms and prepare to fly.smile-1013017_640