September 30, 2016 – Dark Moon Day — HAPPY NEW MOON NIGHT!~!

sun-681842_640The last day of September is also the last day of the powerful Eclipse Lunar Cycle. Most of today–the moon is still waning, coming down to the shift point of the NEW MOON, when SUN and MOON come together to reset the cycle of creation anew.

MOON enters Libra [12:52 am pdt/ 1:52 am mdt/ 2:52 am cdt/ 3:52 pm edt] for a reset in our partnerships. The energy of Libra is connected to Venus, love and partnership. Our love energy is renewed in this New Moon tonight.

MOON SQUARE MARS [4:58 am pdt/ 5:58 am mdt/ 6:58 am cdt/ 7:58 am edt] is a personal point of deep action cleaning. autumn-507544_640At the end of the cycle this morning–we are still letting go of all that is falling away, all the way until the point the moon goes new later tonight. Final eclipse shadow exhale!

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [9:54 am pdt/ 10:54 am mdt/ 11:54 am cdt/ 12:54 pm edt] is another stretch. As we release the old cycle, we are expanded, wider, opened up, asked to be wider beings. As we enter the new cycle, can we open to the Great Spirit of the Unknown–open even wider?

day-823264_640NEW MOON is this evening [5:11 pm pdt/ 6:11 pm mdt/ 7:11 pm cdt/ 8:11 pm edt] This NEW MOON in Libra is a partnership and love renewal. We can let go of all the old versions of self and other. We are renewed. May we allow this sweet renewal to fill each being with newness.

May we love unconditionally for every being is a being of love, here to love and be loved. brother-1252736_640