September 18, 2016 – Breakthrough Heart Awakening

star-161983_640VENUS OPPOSITE URANUS [1:06 am pdt/ 2:06 am mdt/ 3:06 am cdt/ 4:06 am edt] is a breakthrough heart awakening. The actual aspect happens in the middle of the night, however the whole day is a break-through day of the heart. Uranus brings authenticity, freedom and occasionally a shock.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [11:32 am pdt/ 12:32 pm mdt/ 1:32 pm cdt/ 2:32 pm edt] can be a comfort-zone-disruption that brings an opening, growth, or nurturance of a deeper part of soul-self. zip-1558146_640

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [ 12:29 pm pdt/ 1:29 pm mdt/ 2:29 pm cdt/ 3:29 pm edt]–still in the three day window after the Lunar Eclipse, we are still in this volatile window of death/rebirth and change. The change is now deeply in our heart. Our deep feminine nature is in a catharsis. We are deepening within, dropping illusions and ringing needed truths.

bird-700766_640MOON TRINE MARS [1:10 pm pdt/ 2:10 pm mdt/ 3:10 pm cdt/ 4:10 pm edt] is an active moving energy bringing health and balance.  This sends the rest of the day into a VOID period, between signs. This VOID is between Aries and Taurus.

MOON enters earthly Taurus at [9:58 pm pdt/ 10:58 pm mdt/ 11:58 pm cdt/ 12:58 am late night edt]. May our feet touch the wet soft ground, receiving nourishment and next-step-guidance. sarin-1164471_640