September 13, 2016 – Community Activation – Solar Work — Masculine Corner

beaver-1528947_640MOON In community-minded Aquarius offers solutions to problems found via our community. Its not always just “making more money,” that is the answer, perhaps, sharing resources, creating reciprocal partnerships, and “trading,” can be incorporated into our tight, tight, strangling economy. An economy cannot become this tight—without an explosion. That explosion is imminent—and may happen in front of—or “behind the scenes,”—(stay economically tuned)—as the Full moon Eclipse is in a (trine/friendly) relationship with “wrecking-ball PLUTO.” (wrecking all that is not divinely-ordained—that is).

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [9:30 am pdt/ 10:30 am mdt/ 11:30 am cdt/ 12:30 pm edt] is a grounding aspect that brings what we need–into our hands from the 3-D world. Some people believe that the whole physical world is held by tiny faeries–and when we need something in form, all we need to do is ask these “elemental spirits,” to bring it to us, build it or make us what we need.

ottersSUN SQUARE MARS [1:38 pm pdt/ 2:38 pm mdt/ 3:38 pm cdt/ 4:38 pm edt] is a builders aspect; Beavers and Otters all build their dens together in community. Its best to get good physical labor done today–as its not a day for talking and wasted energy in misunderstanding, better to just do some gardening, mountain-climbing or building your house.

MOON TRINE VENUS [11:41 pm pdt/ 12:41 am mdt/ 1:41 pm cdt/ 2:41 am edt] is a lovers aspect, between friends and between partners. It is the season for loving amidst the stormy eclipsey weird weather! [FULL MOON ECLIPSE COMING on Sept 16th!!]. Time to begin sending love all over the world and watch all DIE that is not built of LOVE. Be love.

birch-1593725_640A good message for the day–being that we are between eclipses–and its a MOON TRINE VENUS–is “Be love or DIE!” ITs EGO-DEATH-TIME! May we become what we “really are,” as we “lose,” what we are “not.”

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