September 10, 2016 – Healing Portal Open – Balancing Banks and River

heart-700141_640A lot happens early in the morning; setting us up for quite a day of balancing; and a big corner of responsibility shift.

MERCURY OPPOSITE CHIRON [4:51 am pdt/ 5:51 am mdt/ 6:51 am cdt/ 7:51 am edt] opens a healing portal of communications. We can communicate in ways that heal each other. Communications are either slanted toward wounding or healing. Today is a day to “take stock,” of our communications and open to more healing language.

egypt-1197831_640MOON enters Capricorn [5:54 am pdt/ 6:54 am mdt/ 7:54 am cdt/ 8:54 am edt] the cathartic location where PLUTO sits. Capricorn–usually the most stable sign related to Saturn—is topsy turvy–with changes–while PLUTO transits there.

SATURN SQUARE NEPTUNE – [6:04 am pdt/ 7:04 am mdt/ 8:04 am cdt/ 9:04 am edt] is a corner of responsibility shifting. It is a time to balance the places between boundary; and limits: with fluidity and flow of Neptune. This Square asks us for ultimate balance between forces.

winner-1575838_640MOON SQUARE JUPITER [6:22 am pdt/ 7:22 am mdt/ 8:22 am cdt/ 9:22 am edt] is even more expansion of our home-space. Between eclipses, this moon is diggin and tossin shadow and fillin with cosmic love. We are in a big big shift already–in the eclipse field. Meanwhile JUPITER has just changed signs–so this MOON SQUARE JUPITER is squaring a fresh early Libra Jupiter. Our relationships are being upgraded on many levels–within and without.

Author’s Note: The wolf pack and family is moving even deeper into the forest, to an off-the-grid-location this weekend. We are all excited to be even deeper with nature. I will be available for phone-readings again in October. The rest of September, we will be “off-grid.” Soul Blue Prints are paused again during this move. However I love working on Soul Blue Prints deep in nature–so I’ll continue that work and disseminate the group of them I’m working on now–as soon as we are settled in our forest location. Astrology School is being upgraded and will restart in October again!  Stay tuned! We will have a whole new infrastructure to introduce!

To contribute to the wolf pack’s new home and transition through the fall; click here. We’ve just started a new 501.C3 project: “Kindness to Wolf Project.” The new website will be out this winter.