September 9, 2016 – Jupiter Changing into Libra from Virgo!

feather-1359097_640 JUPITER enters Libra from Virgo. After a year in earthy detail, health-oriented Virgo, JUPITER enters airy-relationship-oriented-Libra. From the gory details, messy, close to the earth, and very “third dimensional,” we are surfing our JUPITERIAN energy from Virgo to Libra now. From earth to air, from 3-D, to (whatever-D-we-choose)–as Libra is air, and ether, mind and telepathic connection (or not).

Now we can fly more freely from the ground; gently; at first. Where are we flying? . . .  into deeper relationship with all of life–especially the aspects of life that are special to us!

balance-1302200_640It is our Jupiter season of “relationship,” now. (for a whole year!) Jupiter’s 12 year cycle, offers one year in each sign–to learn, expand, open and gain wisdom in that area–for a whole year! Jupiter is going to “open doors, insight, wisdom and opportunity,” in relationships., now, after spending its wisdom time for a whole year in health, animals, details, and all the little things of the 3-D. Now well grounded–we can use our earth-given-feet-to relate to others more deeply–and with more of our attention!

woman-1581202_640With Jupiter In Virgo (last year)–3-D-called us to focus there–to learn, grow and master that realm of health and our own “gory details!” (whatever they were). Now that we went into our own deepest little obsessions, or “our own little quirks,” and the health and wellness qualities of those–we enter Libra–the next mythic quality of our spiral up in learning, growing and bringing awareness to our life!

We’ve done some foundational 3-D work, for a year with Jupiter in Virgo–and we can now leap to an airy relational surf-board: Jupiter in Libra. We are tuning into the social fabric, instead of the physical health fabric–now with where our life guides us.

Guidance was coming from the 3–D-details for a year, now we will receive guidance in social relations. They will guide us into a “next level,” of relationship.

Last year–the JUPITER in Virgo–cycle was all about “next level,” children-1582753_640in health and wellness. Now we have the opportunity to “next level,” and bring “more awareness,” as Jupiter brings “expanded awareness,” everywhere it goes. Now this “expanded awarenesss,” goes to our social life. The partnerships that move us up the spiral of life.

hummingbird-hawk-moth-542500_640Jupiter enters Libra at a time when it will SQUARE PLUTO in Capricorn, and OPPOSE URANUS in Aries, so social relationships during this year of awareness, expansion and insight; are opening up at a time of Economic Collapse and Individual catharsis, break-down and break-through.

With Jupiter In Libra; we are each asked “what is your favorite color?” . . .. “What is your favorite smell? taste? fabric of life? What is your favorite way to relate to others? In what context? tree-1353215_640Do you like lipstick or not? These are Libran questions.

With Jupiter In Libra: The divine feminine; the Goddess; and our own inner beauty queen are coming out to teach and learn this year. To be related to; and to relate!photoshop-manipulation-1566435_640
For the next year, while the BIG PLANET; JUPITER transits Libra; may we kiss the fabric of life we have chosen to relate with. May we bring ourselves into more relational joy! May we wear dresses, and bright colors, nomatter what sex we are! Libra is a celebration of our inner sexy colored kissing nature. Libra’s often love kissing and communing with others.

Where is the abundance with Jupiter in Libra? the Abundance is found in partnerships, and in beauty and feminine areas! May we go be abundant and beautiful all year long! yin-and-yang-145874_640