September 4, 2016 – As the Wheel of Life Turns – we ride it – surrender to the turning wheel

MOON is still in Libra–the sign where Jupiter is moving soon, and where we find a pair of wings and sometimes, pairs of people too. dragonfly-wing-615240_640Like wings, each one in a pair, flaps on one side, keeping the whole vehicle in a rythmic balance. This “social balance,” is the realm of air and happens in many ways.

Each of us has a “natural wisdom” all our own about these flapping wings. Each of us is a different kind of bird.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [1:13 am pdt/ 2:13 am mdt/ 3:13 am cdt/ 4:13 am edt] is an activation of powerful motivational force! Whatever we needed to flap, is arising. Its time to act, fly, and set in motion what is already set in motion! Like the pendulum must swing back and forth, it must find its “right rythm.” Moving is the best way to find the right rythm. Each one has its own unique divinely connected and guided rythm. May we listen and dance with the divine, in sync.

swan-630142_640MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [5:30 pm pdt/ 6:30 pm mdt/ 7:30 pm cdt/ 8:30 pm edt] is a personal revolution, explosion or “break-through,” in the area of “who am i?”  Who am I is a question, that when meditated upon, solves all problems, because sometimes something we think is “a problem,” is no longer a problem when we realize–its simply what we are. What we each “are,” is unique, diverse and beautiful. Breakthrough is acceptance and acceptance provides breakthrough–then the wings arrive and we fly–off the cliff.parasailing-188907_640

Sometimes “who am I,” is not as important as leaping. We know what is the next leap we need to take. Leaping toward the light, and right divinely lifted flight.

May the eclipse territory and the movement driven forces of life, carry us upward, to more divinely aligned earth and air.

. . . . . . .